life has want to be loved

metaphors of sorrows.

I am the new kid with many wants

To be accepted and loved as all

Matters in a worrisome river

Almost pure, but please look no further

Teetering on the see-saw bolder

Thoughts define a victim’s smiling face

Erasing present eternity

Real world of sorrow, of sorrow, of

Sorrow, time shall forever bleed if

Parse, snip cannot forget such danger

Replays and visitations linger

Ought not descends fear of finger point

Told you so demands as raindrops fall

Edging closer to the outer wall

Climbing endless rungs past the chatter

Treading tide feeling too far swimmer

Prayers of the damned seem not far away

Reproduction and obscene filter

Each day new reminders on highways

Caution lights of forbidden, if true

Item of interest and you are there

Opening a day left with no shadow

Under any rock hidden lessons

Starving a soul fed only teardrops

The End

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