The League

Sadia, the Gentle Strongarm, is the newest member of the League, and was a simple Demacian farmgirl, taught by her soldier brother how to fight and use her defensive magic. Naive as she is, interactions at the Institute of War will be interesting! Will eventually include all of the champions in the best representation I can make. Best part - you don't have to know the fandom to enjoy! Current: Sadia awaits lessons from Quinn!

Chapter One: the League

Carefully, I descend the stairs. It is midnight, and the moon is full over our small Demacian farm. Not even the mice in the stable yard dare to move. My mother is curled in her room and bed, and I have gone to get her some water for her fever. She needs it, and though the summer is too hot for me to go without water, the well is nearly dry. Mother needs it more than me.

I go out to the pump, but behind me I hear a noise. Seems simple enough on the surface… No. It's clearly footsteps, emerging from the wood. I swing out my arm behind me, and it collides with flesh. My adrenaline is already thumping through my veins, but when I look down to see the person I've struck, it's Ivan, the mild-mannered apothecary that attends to my mother when his master's gone to bed. I curse quietly, but drag him up to his feet. I always underestimate my strength.

"Don't go skulking about like that!" I tell him firmly. "You scared me to death!"

Ivan nurses his cheek. It's already forming a nice, hefty bruise – surely it'll be a welt by morning. "You weren't the only one scared, Sadia. I tried to make noise! Just like you always tell me to."

I grimace. Yes, I have told him that. I should be less jumpy, but after what happened to my brother out on the battlefield, I didn't want the same happening to me. He was strung up by Noxian spies, beaten to death. And with all the people reporting Noxian spies these days…

"You ever considered picking up Erick's old blade?"

As I'm carrying the pail back to the house, his question strikes me. I glare down at the moonlight reflecting on the water's shimmering surface. "No. Of course not. It's his blade; why should I pick it up? And anyway, I don't want to pick up my blade against Noxus. Noxians scare me."

"Then what about the League?"

I let a dry chuckle pass my lips.

The League is the one thing that keeps the world on speaking terms. All the people too mad to continue living life normally or too narcissistic to want to go there. The pay's good, so I've heard, but it only accepts the best of the best. I'm but a simple farm girl, with a brother who died in the Demacian-Noxian war, who only was taught the most basic of self-defense to scrape by in a world full of spies and cold-blooded killers. And besides, I have a mother to take care of.

"Surprised you even suggested it, Ivan. I'm not that good with a blade."

"C'mon, you've got skin like an armored lizard, D!" He chuckles a little, and punches my arm. Indeed, he isn't exaggerating, but it's entertaining to pretend to be in pain, especially when it's Ivan.

Though the prospect of money I could send back to Momma seems tempting…

The End

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