Long Night

After a dinner full of me and my mystery guy saying short little whispers of inside jokes, he left. On the bright side now he could come here more, after all what if he wanted to see my brother. He would come over and see him. Oh, but what if my brother was out. He did come all the way here so he might as well hang out with me right? Quite the little schemer I have become if I do say so myself.

I wonder how I never knew that mystery guy was my brother’s friend. Oh well, the past is the past. All that matters now is what the hell I am going to do. Clearly we have fallen for each other, but it’s been all of what, two days. Yeah that’s about right, it’s like I live in some kind of romance movie. Speaking of that I want to watch the Notebook or some other romantic movie like While You Were Sleeping. I might have to do it tomorrow though I am like really tired.

I would figure out what to do about possibly loving a guy whose name I don’t even know. No wait don’t use the word love, love feels right but still it’s too early. Too early for love and too late to think about it. I like that plan now off to bed, to bed I said. What a cheesy thing to think, yes it’s a Full House quote but yesh how much of a dork can I be. Perhaps that question should not be asked, I mean I am me. All this thinking is making my head hurt.

Wearily I walk upstairs, just realizing that I hadn’t moved from the spot where mystery guy hugged me good night before he left. He had so much kindness in his hug. Yet there was an aftertaste of something more. Kindness can come with friendship, but there was more to it then just friendship. This should not excite me as it does, but what can I do? I was actually surprised by my parent’s reaction to his hug too. They proved that it wasn’t my imagination with the something else. My dad tensed up, being protective. I am sure he is going to go buy a gun after I’m asleep, but that’s my daddy. Mom, she just smiled real big like.

My mood made a dramatic shift from tired to excited the more I thought of it. I kept thinking and thinking till eventually there would be no way for me to fall asleep without drugs. The funny thing is ten minutes ago I would have fallen asleep the millisecond my head hit the pillow, if I lasted that long. The problem was, I didn’t know what to do with my time. My parents thought I was asleep so I couldn’t very well go down stairs. I could read, but that would make me even more restless. I guess I could go talk to Mark, but what to talk about. I know, I could plan what my mystery guy and I are going to do tomorrow. Then again, with as crazy as I am right now they would be so impossible to do with out breaking the law. That and we seem to be known for changing plans.

This was so hard! I wish there was a button I could push and it would tell me what I could and should do. Alas no such luck, not in this world at least. Im sure it would break that button from over usage any way. I could do something in my oh so boring room, but what, I had like nothing in here. My room consisted of a dresser, desk, bed, and a rug, that’s really it. Well that all the furniture. The only electrical thing I could think of that was in here is the light switch for the fan, and a lamp. Yet my mother still wonders why I don’t spend much time in my room. I hate my dull room, maybe I should repaint it, for the eight time. This time at least, I'm pretty sure it would be more then just Mark and I painting it.

That’s what I did for the rest of the night, plan on how to paint my room this time. I would find one that I liked, then I would realize how much it would clash with the current order of my room, so I would start over. I did this for hours on end till I finally fell asleep at four thirty a.m.

It truly is no wonder my dreams were screwed up. In my dream there was paint flying everywhere and this big red easy button in my face, then something else happened, another dream, only this was different.

In my dream, I sat in a corner holding a stuffed bear crying. Mark was standing there rage present on his face, gun in his hand. The gun was pointed at mystery guy, who stood seven feet to my left looking scared.

"Mark, please, please, doesn’t do this. Don’t do this Mark, please don’t do this." I beg. "Do you love him?" Mark asks curtly. "Yes." I say just above a whisper. Mystery guy's face lights up a little, but fear is still present. "Then I have to." Mark says before pulling the trigger. I hear the gun shot, but don’t see it for I am a woken with a jolt sitting straight up.

The End

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