The Cruelty Of Fate

I hesitantly walk away giving him one last smile. Seeing as he was the only person I would dare ask directions from in this zoo i follow his advice. I do not eventually find a map, but there is no need for one I run directly into the exit in my search for a map.

I finally get to my car, just in time for all my earlier feelings of loss to come back. I get in fighting tears and start driving. About halfway home i turn on the radio to distract me. I tune through the stations till I find something I like and start to sing along.

But baby anywhere is away from me.
If you got it all figured out. Then what is there to shout about.
This Midwest town is gunna miss you.
Just go ahead and work it out.
But first come on and let it out.
Scream it shout tell and tell everybody that your gunna leave

In about one year you'll have it all figured out.
These big city dreams are what you're about.
Walking like strangers among these states.
Only time will tell how long I can wait.

After that I really don’t know much so rather than embarrass myself in front of….myself, I stop singing. Lucky for me I only have to listen to a small part of the next song before I'm home.

I slowly get out, well i thought I was going slowly, but I get to the front door much too fast for my liking. Once inside i start to breathe again when I see no one here. I look at the time to see that i was alone, Mark was at work now. I am only slightly disappointed that I don’t get to talk to my brother, sadly.

"Is that you Soph?" Mark asks from the living room sending a chill down my spine. I tried to say yes, but the words didn’t come. I guess he took the silence as a yes and came out visibly sorry.

"I don’t want to hear it Mark, yes we need to talk but not now. What I do want to know is why your home." I say before he can start.

"I took the day off, my friend is coming over."

"Cool, have fun."

"He isn’t here for me though."

"Then why is he here?"

"For you, Lilly told me everything so I thought this might make up for it some."

"You’re having him come over to see if he will date me?"

"Yes, well he thinks i just want to catch up, I haven’t seen him recently because he lives in the next town over."

"Okay well you have fun setting up; I will be in my room till then." I say heading to the stairs.

"I really am sorry." He says, looking at me, his eyes showing he meant it.

"I know Mark, and I forgive you, but forgiven doesn’t mean the pain is forgotten." I say looking away from him.

I run up to my room unable to deal with any possible reaction he might have to my words. I think running to my room is starting to become a habit. This time however I very calmly put on some music, too bad the choice wasn’t calm. Fences by Paramore, just the song every person wants to relax to. Oh well even fate needs a laugh somehow, but i wish it didn’t get it by torturing me.

Many, many songs later there is a knock on my door. "He will be here in a few minutes." Mark says. "Okay, thanks for telling me." I mumble.

Seeing as I wore these yesterday, I decided I best change. I wasn’t sure exactly what to wear so i just put on a comfy shirt and jeans. I thought for a moment of finding shoes, but it’s my house and not many people wear shoes indoors.

By the time I figure out the complexity that is my mind, i hear the door bell ring. I go to meet this guy by the door, but my brother opens the door before I even get to the stairs. "Hey man." Mark says. "Hey." Says an all too familiar voice. I realize that i should have known who was coming over; I mean both of them said about the exact same thing just from their point of view. I can’t believe I missed it.

A small scream get past my lips before I can stop it. I figure he is bound to know I am here now so I step forward to where they can see me. I look down to see the smiling face of my mystery guy. "Well, well, well, fate certainly has a sense of humor." He says not looking away from me. "What do you mean?" Mark ask completely unaware of what just happened.

"Remember that girl I told you about." He says bringing some anger up, I mean Mark knew he liked a girl but still tried to set him up. My anger is quickly washed away by the fact that telling Mark meant he like me. The thought of that filled me with joy, but it was a bad joy, we were friends, it shouldn’t fill me with joy. That is unless we were more than friends.

"Yeah that girl that something about her just made you have to talk to her and that any sad feelings you had washed away when you saw her. What about her?" Mark asks sending another short wave of anger through me; seriously Mark that’s cruel. The anger goes away when I realize that’s how desperate he is to get me to forgive him; he would try to set me up with someone who likes someone else just to be my favorite brother again.

The mystery guy points wordlessly at me, still yet to look away. "In that case, would you like to stay for dinner?" Mark says trying to get away from how visibly awkward he felt.

"Would you like to stay forever?" I ask quoting Mulan. "Yes, I would love to stay for dinner, and I would enjoys staying forever, but let’s not rush things, I don’t want you getting sick of me just yet." He says chuckling.

"Everyone criticizes the classics." I mumble.

"Mulan is hardly a classic." He says.

"It so is just because your jealous of it doesn’t give you the right to mock its awesomeness. That shall be your new title Mr. Jealous Mocker."

"You're getting bad at titling things, keep it up and you will be in competition with me for worst titaler ever."

"I doubt I will live long enough to beat you though."

"You’re going to kill what’s left of my ego Sophie."

"Trust me of your many problems, your ego isn’t one of them mysterious stalker."

"When did I become a stalker, I just talked to you."

"Might I remind you that you're in my house."

"Good point, okay I am your stalker. Fair warning, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so if someone comes into your room at night don’t call the cops."

"No promises."

"Wow the loovey doovey air I was expecting isn’t here, instead I get the more then friends teasing, and personally I want the loovey doovey." Mark says before walking out of the room.

The End

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