"Eat, you look hungry."

"That I am."

"Seeing as you don’t want to share, I could make something, if you want"

"No, i am not that hungry." He Says adding emphasis to that.

"You sure?"

"Yes, i could be dying of starvation and still not be that hungry."

"Boy please, you know you would be begging me for food by the time your dying."

"True, but I'm starving and don’t have time to wait so, I think I'll share."

"If i wasn’t so hungry I would say your just getting out of eating my crap."

"That I am, but you said yourself, who cares I’m hungry."

"I never said that!"

"I said you did, you also called me the greatest."

"Ah! Words are being put into my mouth!"

"Do they taste good?"

"Yes surprisingly they do."

"Well then is it important what they are?"

"No, now get me food please."

"Stay here, i cant have you stalking me."

"But i like to stalk people." I say adding emphasis to like.

"Well you have easy access to every other part of me, so I would like to keep my locker safe."

"Eventually I will get it, nothing is safe from me."

"And that my friend is why i must delay you as long as possible."

"Meany, but i have a better idea."

"What is that?"

"Ice Cream!"

"That’s not a meal."

"True but its yummy, and then you can pretend to be working while we enjoy a yummy treat."

"The ice cream here is a rip off."

"True, tell you what, I will go home and settle my differences with my brother and maybe you could help if you have nothing better to do."

"I would love to but I am going to help a friend of mine from this town."

"You don’t live here?"

"No, next town over, I am working here till Graduation trying to earn enough money for college."

"That’s cool, I should try to get a job, but I am kind of hopping for another way."

"That is amazing, i will only be there for about an hour just a quick catch up, so if you need me any time after 7 I will be there."

"I'll hold that to you, now how do i get out of here?"

"Just go straight you are bound to find a map."

"Or i could have the guy who works here show me the way."

"Either you know some one else who works here or you don’t realize i just told you exactly what i do."


"And proud"

The End

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