I woke up slowly with the suns too bright light in my face. I look around and the events of last night hit me. I still can’t believe he did that. I Stand up and look in the mirror, but soon wish I hadn’t, I look horrible. I look at the time to see its almost noon, I had to go to the zoo! I quickly run a brush through my average length brown hair, not having time to worry about any other thing.

I run downstairs as fast as I can hopping to avoid anyone who might be down here and put my shoes on. As soon as I get them on the right feet I am out the door. By the time I get to the door I already feel a bit better. I half fly into the zoo and see him waiting by entry.

When he first see’s he smiles, but it quickly melts into a look of concern and worry. “What happened?” He asks when I get to him. “Nothing.” I lie. “It doesn’t look like nothing, you haven’t changed clothes, you have dry tears on your face and you radiate sadness, not what happened?” He says tilting my head to see him. “I will tell you if we get out of the public area.” I say not looking at him.

He wordlessly leads me somewhere and I follow not paying any attention. Next thing I know I am sitting on a bench in the employee locker room. “ Now what happened, why are you so sad? Why didn’t you change? It wasn’t something I did was it? Oh please tell me it wasn’t me, I swear I didn’t want to leave, I had too.” He says.

I assure him that its not him then go on to explain everything with my brother and always being in his shadow and everything. I start crying again about the point I get to Lilly, he comforts me like it’s a knee-jerk reaction. “Shhhh, its okay, im sure mark means well.” He says when I finish. “I know he does, but it just rips me apart.” I say through tears.

“Well I am here everyday except Monday, if you need to talk.” He says. “Careful I might take you up on that, and you don’t want someone with this many problems.” I say only half joking. He gently make me look him in the eye and says ”Don’t ever think I wont be here through thick and thin with you, I know we just met but your one of the best friend I have ever had.”

“You too, but will you really be here if I get in trouble, even if it with the law?”

“Ha! I think what I did yesterday was Grand Theft Auto, so yes even if its with the law.”

“Great the first day I know you I am an accessory to a felony; I am scared to ask what we will do today.”

“To be honest now that you mention it so am I, your bad for my prison record.”

“Me? I didn’t steal the go cart.”

“But you were there and didn’t stop me.”

“I didn’t know it wasn’t yours!”

“You should, only important people get go carts, do I look important to you?”

“Yes, you look very important to me.”

“Zoo wise?”

“No you look average, but in my defense I don’t speak zoo”

“Neither do I, that could pose as a problem huh”

“I think so, well only if you like working here.”

“It’s okay, tell you what, we will learn to speak zoo together.”

“Deal, now what’s for lunch?”

“How did we go from zoo to lunch?”

“I am random like that now, seriously, what is for lunch?”

“I have a homemade sandwich and a orange”

“What type of sandwich?”

“Ham and cheese, with mayo and white bread.”

“Will you share?”


“If I say please?”


“Please.” I say giving him puppy dog eyes. “You’re a cheater, no way am I sharing now.” He says teasingly. I add a pout to my expression and see him losing in his eyes. “Fine but tell no one.” He says half whispering.

“Hey world he shared his sandwich and orange with me!” I shout. ”See if I share with you again, and I never said I would share my orange.” He says with fake shock. “That’s not what the world thinks.” I say in a sing-song voice.

“Fine I will share my orange too.” He says pouting; oh he has a cute pout. “Tell you what I will make it up to you, tomorrow lunch is on me, not literally though.”

“Dang I was going to do that to, you fun killer.”

“I am not a fun killer!”

“Yes, yes you are, it official you’re the official killer of all things fun.”

“And you sir are the worst titaler ever.”

“I am not.”

“Are so.”

“I aint the worst titaler ever, because titaler aint a word.”

“It is now.”

“Might I inquire who said this.”

“You may, and I did.”

“Fine you win your not a fun killer.”


“Am I still the worst titaler ever?”

“No, not ever but your still really bad you cant even give your self a name.”

“You want to know my name?”


“My name is better luck next time I will stay a bad titaler.”

“Wow that must have been fun to put on your application.”

“It was an adventure.”

“You know what?”


“We should probably do something productive.”

“Yes, yes we should, but that involves moving.”

“Good point, we will just stay here and ramble on about what were going to do.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I know what we should do!”


The End

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