He grabs my hand and starts running off in some random direction. I eagerly keep up but wonder if he knows where were going. “Do you even know where you’re going?” I shout. “I work here don’t I?” He says as if it was obvious. “That doesn’t answer my question, Mr. Yes this is my go cart wait no it’s not run.” I shout

“Where do you come up with these names? If it keeps going like this telling you my name just might be easier.”

“Then tell me.”

“Not this time” He says right before his watch starts beeping, causing him to stop. “Shoot.”

“What is it?” I ask honestly confused.

“My breaks over, I have to get back to work.”

“Oh.” I say sadly.

“Yeah, but I work tomorrow, come find me okay?”

“Okay, I should get home any way I’m sure my brother is worried sick about me.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye” I say with a hint of sadness in my voice. He lets go of my hand and starts walking off in another direction, but the moment his hand leaves mine i instantly feel all the pain I had felt earlier before I met him. What was it about this stranger that made me feel so comfortable?

I slowly walk out to my car, thinking about him the entire way. He had already passed all of the friends I had and I had only known him for ten minutes. I knew he would never leave me though, he wasn’t the type. What am I saying I don’t know him well enough to know what type he is? That’s probably why I don’t have any real friends, I always assume.

When I finally get home my sadness is just thrown into overdrive, the door was locked and ii had left my key inside. I knew where the spare was, it was just hard for me to get to it. I do though and I unlock the door and go inside.

I take off my shoes and start down the hall. “Mark, I’m ho-“ I say as I pass the living room but I’m unable to finish because I see Mark and Lilly in a full blown make out session. I know seeing this shouldn’t bother me, and it wouldn’t if it didn’t prove me right about Lilly. I had so hoped I was wrong, because I wanted Lilly to be my friend.

I hold back a scream and just start running. I run upstairs and to my room. I lock the door as I pass it and jump on my bed and grab a pillow and just cry my eyes out into it. Mark swore he wasn’t into girls that were just my friend for him, and he knew Lilly was my friend, then Lilly promised she was my friend. This isn’t the first time someone has done this to me but it’s the first time Mark has.

“Sophie! Sophie what’s wrong?” I hear Mark shout from the stairs, he must be coming up. “Mark baby ignore her she just a girl, come back to me.” I hear Lilly say, sending me deeper into hysterics.

I let despair and hurt wash over me and just cry and cry. I hardly notice Mark trying to open my door, and part of me doesn’t care about him. A very large part of me wishes that guy didn’t have to work so I could go on believing Lilly’s lie, but it’s too late now. Once I almost soak my pillow through I get up and go to my mirror.

There were about ten pictures of me and Lilly all over it, she said it was to prove that she wasn’t a fake. I take each one down individually and rip it into as little pieces as I can, but the tears make me weak so it’s not much. This helped a little with the pain, but there was still the Mark issue, I didn’t know what I could do about that.

Deep down a part of me was so hurt, I mean Mark had always been there for me and everything, but this just broke me. The person I am closest to in the world just broke one of the most important promises he ever made me, he knew how sensitive I was with friends. Why he would do this is beyond me, it was just not him.

After a long time of me just sitting on my floor crying my heart out I hear Mark. “Sophie its 7:30, come out please.” He says. “No, no I will not come out. You know how sensitive I am about my Friends.” I say barley above a whisper. “If this is about Lilly I am sorry but I like her, you’re just going to have to move on. I’m sorry she hurt you and I wish she would have just come to me herself, but I won’t deny I like her. Sorry I broke a promise now come out.” He says.

I can’t believe he said that! The old Mark would have rather died then upset me in some way. Maybe I am being selfish about it, he always put me first, but this was just too far. I felt empty inside, like someone had just drained me of everything, I felt cold and alone. I cried myself to sleep that night. It was not the first time I had done this but never before had I felt so much hurt in doing it.



The End

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