Along For the Ride

Turn to see the blurry figure of a.... exceptionally hot man, wearing the zoo keeper uniform. "Yea im fine." I lie badly. "You don’t look fine, why don’t you come with me, we will get you something to help you." he says offering his hand. "My mom says not to go with strangers." I say pushing his hand back toward him. "First, you're not four, second we won’t be strangers if you let me get to know you." He says smiling a beautiful smile that’s amazing even through the veil of tears in my eyes.

"You have a good point"

"I do believe that was two points though, so which was good?"

"Okay, you have two good points."

"Good now that I have made my points, will you come with me?"

"Okay, but first do you work here?"


"So are you going to lead me to this place where I am half forced to work here, all while thinking I want to?"

"I wasn’t, but if that’s where you want to go, I know just the place."

"I think I will pass on that, but anywhere else, lead the way."

He once again offers his hand but this time I take it, with only slight hesitation. “I have another question" I say as he led me past the monkey cage.

"Do you always have this many questions or is it just today?"

"Normally, I am shy, but you want me to get to know you so I have to ask questions."

"Then ask away, but you only get fourteen more before I start charging."

"Make that thirteen because here it comes. Do you have a go cart to get around or do you stay on foot?" I ask right as he stops by a go cart of all things

"Well here’s the answer to that question but get in." He says visibly holding back laughter.

I get in and sit in the passenger seat and say "You know what my problem is, im to trusting. One of these days im going to be killed because of it."

"What make you say that?" He says as he starts driving.

"Well I got in this thing with you and I just met you five minutes ago, I don’t even know your name."

"Well then enjoy it for now then just hope you die in your sleep."

"Will do, now back to the names."

"Good point, what is your name?"

"Me, Sophie, what about you?"

He just smiles and looks at me, completely looking away from where he's driving. "What, it's only fair, I told you my name, you tell me yours." I say honestly confused about why he had to look at me just because I asked his name. He once again didn't answer, but now he started laughing, still no looking at the road. "It's not funny, and looks at the road, you almost hit some people and you’re going straight." I say pointing forward. "What's funny is, I'm not going to tell you my name. Unlike you I am not trusting, so I will keep my name to myself." He says looking back at where he’s driving. "Either that or your incredibly stubborn and just want to torture me." I say pouting "You're good." He says no hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Okay Mr. Smarty pants go cart driver, if I can’t call you your name what can I call you?" I say.

"Mr. Smarty pants go cart driver works for me." He says smirking. If this wasn’t the most interesting conversation I’ve had in forever, I would be more annoyed.

"To long. How about I call you Arnold."

"Arnold, Arnold? Do I look like an Arnold to you?"


"But that’s a geek’s name. Do I look like a geek to you?"

"Yes, but don’t insult that name, my best friend's name is Arnold." Granted he was a teddy bear I named when I was six, he could still be my best friend right?

"Well if you call me Arnold and your best friends name is Arnold does that make me your best friend?"

"Keep trying Arnold is only your temporary name. You have a real name, you're just too stubborn to tell me it."

"Yes I am."

"Well I am sure you will be there eventually, after all Arnold is a teddy bear."

"A teddy bear, a teddy bear, you’re telling me a teddy bear beat me for your friendship! Well thank you for killing my ego."

"Relax a guy like can’t have trouble getting a big ego."

"First you tell me a teddy bear is friendlier then me, then you mock my ego, what’s next, monkeys have nicer hair!"


"Oh that’s mean you know what get out of the go cart." He says stopping.

"No thanks, I'm fine."

"Okay, but no more mocking me, I have feelings to you know."

"You do I thought all zoo keepers were heartless and mean."

"Only those who work with the monkeys, you see the monkeys steal your soul."

"Got it, avoid spending too much time with monkeys. You don’t work with monkeys I presume."

"That’s right."

"So what do you work with?"

"Almost anything else, I don’t do reptiles though."

"I don’t either." I really don’t I have this irrational fear of messing with them. I can be near them, unhappily, but still there.

"Can I tell you something?"


"This isn’t my go cart, and I have no idea where were going. I do suggest we go there fast thought the person who’s this is, yeah he is on our tail."

"What are you waiting for, faster!"

"I'm going as fast I can!"

"Then stop the cart were going on foot."

"To, dare I ask, where?"

"Wal-Mart, we will then get a shopping cart and ride around the store on/in it acting like crazy people."

"Okay. To Wal-Mart!"


The End

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