In His Shadow

Sophie is a lonly girl perpetualy traped in her twin brothers shadow. When she is found waiting at a zoo by a weirdly caring man what will she do but fall in love? Or is love even possible with all the heartbreak

I sat miserably on the bench waiting for the date I was sure was never going to show up. I had been sitting here for at least an hour, maybe two I lost track of time as I watched the zebra's play in there imitation natural habitat. I was supposed to meet this great guy my so called best friend set me up with here at noon, I got here at exactly 11:55 pm and no one was here, so I waited. I look at my watch and see its 3:02 pm; maybe I had the wrong zoo, either that of Lilly just set me up on another false date to get me out of the house so she could see my brother. I should be used to it by now; Lilly is only the hundredth girl to pretend to be my friend just to hang out with my brother.

I guess it’s the price you pay for having a hot brother. A price I’ve been paying since, well I’m a senior now so eighth grade, when my twin brother suddenly became the hottest guy ever. Now Mark cares about me and often pretends he doesn’t like being so popular, but I know my brother better then that. I guess I will just sit here once again just being Mark's sister, again. I'm glad it was a zoo though, seeing the animals is very peaceful and almost takes away the hurt of once again being lied to. I tart to lose my vision as the tears come, I try to hold them back but find little luck.

"Excuse me. Miss, are you okay?" A concerned voice says from beside me.

The End

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