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The Beginning 
       Silvia was sitting in English class at the university of Phoenix, twiddling her thumbs, not knowing what to do until the teacher got there. Silvia was a small woman. She was skinny and had short blonde hair a little above her shoulders. She looked fragile, and pale. Though she had the warmest of hearts. She had a good head on her shoulders too. She sat at her desk and waited.          
          George Mullen was a teacher of English at the college. He knew a lot about the English language and a lot about writing. He also knew a lot about dominance as well. When he first looked at Silvia, he saw a slim, fragile little girl just trying to get by a writing class. Until he heard her speak and read her poem to the class. She then in the future read another poem, a short story then a personal work of hers for himself. He laughed when she said 'yes' one night to see him in his office. They touched and that was it, clothes were all over the place. Their naked bodies touched and they made love on his desk, pushing papers and things off. Though this was not the only thing that happened between them. They started dating, then he got fired for dating and sleeping with a student. They got an apartment together and she made all the money for them as a journalist. She was pissed, threatened to leave him, and that's when the hitting and sexual assault started.
            She couldn't leave him, he was always telling her that he was 'sorry'. So when she got pregnant with Matthew, then she knew she had to stay. The greatest moment of her life happened on January 12th 1990. Matthew came into the world and her life, then her life was perfect. She wasn't going to be alone anymore in this horrible life. She thought the beatings from George were going to stop, but instead at one point almost killed Silvia. One day she tried escaping with Matthew in tow, but the cops found her and brought her home. She just was got another beating from her boyfriend George. George after nearly beating her up not as bad one night, played it up and told her he was sorry to her. She forgave him once again and George asked Silvia to marry him. That night, she got pregnant with Milly, short for Malificent. After her favorite Disney villian. She just thought Milly was cuter than the full name.           After Milly was born, he started hitting Matthew and he was only five at the time. Milly didn't start getting it till she was four or five. She didn't get it half as bad as the other two. One day Matt went into school and the teacher saw his bruises. She almost called George and Silvia, but decided not to due to the fact that Matthew said he fell off a swing at the park. He was one to play rough with others as well. Silvia, then started to hate George after that. She was sick of it. She didn't understand why he was like this and hated how the kids needed to be involved when it should of been them two. When Matthew had his eighth birthday party, was when she had the idea. She stood there watching her son blow out his candles and the idea popped into her head. She felt crazy thinking of it, but it was only an idea. Not till one other day in the year 1998, that she knew now was the right time to burn down the house with that fucker in it.          
             So when that day would come, she would run away with her children and never come back. She knew one day she could possibly get caught, but all she had to say was 'No I didn't kill my husband, it was an accident, or possibly a suicide. Plus I don't care if he died, he was an abusive bastard'. They would probably believe her. The day she burnt down the house she bought a box of tools, which contained rat poison, a glass and a spoon just for the job. Also some orange juice on the side. She decided that day she would give him his breakfast with a glass of orange juice, and while he was in the shower for work that day, drop a scoop or two of rat poison in it. Then make sure he was dead, then light a match over some gasoline in the attached garage. Silvia then took the kids, counted the years of abuse to ten years and lit up that house. She knew she had to get away and fast. When she smiled at the kids pumping the gas the day she killed her husband for them, she knew her life would never be the same.......

The End

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