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Silvia (Sunny) once lived with an abusive husband, being abused herself and her children Matthew and Milly. One day she decides she dosen't want to take his crap anymore. She burns down the house with him still inside, after poisoning him with a bunch of rat poison and putting a match to some gasoline in the garage that was attached to the house. This story is far beyond her burning down the house, but a new journey for herself and her children. She wants to start a new life, but also has those


        She stood there. Silvia Mullen. She stood there looking at the flames and torture she just created. She blinked and held the hands of her son, Matthew and her daughter Milly. Matthew was only eight, and Milly only five. Milly didn't half understand and little Matt had an idea of what happened to their father. Silvia looked down at her children, feeling bad about her actions, but she couldn't forget about him being a jerk to her children and herself, and was not a good husband at all. 
          She smiled down at Matthew and squeezed his hand gently. Silvia looked back at the fire burning that was once their house. A broken home. She could feel the heat on her face, and it felt quite relaxing. She then spoke for the first time since she lit the match near the gasoline line in the garage. She smiled up at the fire burnt house and said "Lets go kids, I'm glad I packed you both a sweater" She then took both children and placed them in their booster seats and started driving, and she drove so far away she didn't even know where she was going. She kept driving till she hit California, which was only about a state away from them. 
         She then stopped at a gas station and pumped her gas for their van. She smiled at the kids through the windows. She knew from this moment on they would be happier. Though it all started in an unusual spot, and that was when she fell in love with George, her husband....

The End

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