In Days Gone By Chapter Seventeen

Day: Saturday

Date: 15 September 1984

Time: 8:12am

Location: The Chamber

Time Remaining: 23 hours 48 minutes

Operation Black Heart was set up in 1978. It was originally developed as a Soviet recruitment program. Within just three years, over one thousand non-Soviet believers were converted to support the Soviet cause. Communism. Gorbachev; Yeltsin; two of the best-known achievements of Black Heart. They may oppose each other but they, ultimately, want the best for the USSR. However, in 1979, the aims of Black Heart shifted. Secretly. The op was still running as a Soviet recruitment program but a new branch, known only as NSEF, the Non-Soviet Elite Force, was formed. Only three people knew about this new branch; Viktor Salov, Head of Black Heart, Alekai Xandor, Head of the NSEF, and I.”

You knew about NSEF?” I asked. “How did you know?”

Because it was my idea.”

What?” I almost fell off my chair in shock.

Jake, I’m only trying to help you remember. Please sit down. And I will continue.”

In May 1979, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. That was the turning point for Black Heart. The Soviets saw that their op needed to be updated. I was already working closely on the Black Heart operation and so they came to me. I was based in Berlin, so I was in the perfect location to perfect the plan. And, six months later, so it was. NSEF was perfect and could now be used worldwide. In its three years, the NSEF branch took in 271 Germans, 112 Austrians, 78 French, 27 British and 12 Americans. Unfortunately, many of these… conversions failed. Many had minds that were too week. In fact, only 22 Germans, 3 Austrians, 9 French, 2 British and 1 American were successfully converted.”

Me.” I breathed. The professor nodded.

Yes, Jake. You are the sole American survivor of conversion. The only one.”

I remember now,” I breathed. The Professor looked at me and smiled.

You do?” I nodded and slowly turned to look at him.

I remember… Everything.”

The End

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