Chapter twoMature

I survived my next few lessons but by the time lunch came I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat. The cue for food was long and it seemed like it was going to take the whole lunch hour to get some food.

“Smashleigh” I heard my name being called. “I saved you a spot in the line.” Braydon said. He was near the front I was so grateful.

“I thought you said you couldn’t be seen with me in public” I said when I got to him.

“Too late now.” He smirked “You need to eat and you were never going to in that cue.”

“Thanks I guess.” I smiled weakly.

“What’s happened to you?” he asked concerned.

“What do you mean?”

“You were all feisty when I first met you now you seem weak.” He wasn’t smiling anymore he was truly worried.

“I’m just confused I guess I have no idea how I became as you call it a dead girl walking with a target on my back that is apparently growing.” I felt tears fill my eyes.

“I only said that to warn you, we aren’t safe together you and me, but I’m the only person that can keep you safe.” He wiped my tears with his fingers. “Stop crying.”

“Sorry I just wish I knew why I was in so much danger.” I sobbed.

“You can’t trust anyone in this school they will lie to you and hurt you just stick with me and I will keep you safe.”

“How do I know I can trust you?” I asked suspiciously.

“I’ve kept you alive this long haven’t I? He smiled and we grabbed our food we sat at a table away from most of the students, there was a lot of them.

“So where did you live in England? London?” He asked biting into his sandwich.

“No” I sighed; the only place in England people know is London. “A small town called Kendal in the lake district below Scotland.

“Oh the Lake District?”

“You have no idea where that is do you?” I smiled.

“No idea” he laughed. It was so good to finally have a conversation that involved laughing.

“What is there to do in Old Fort?” I asked hoping there was a Primark.

“Not much it’s pretty lame not many shops mainly charity shops.”

“So, no Primark?” I asked hopeful


“Clothes shop.” I said glumly

“No sorry.”  He pouted. “What did Mr Figgins say to you?”

“Just asked if I enjoyed the lesson cause I looked confused then he got weird and started stroking my hair and saying how black hair suits me then he backed me against the board when you came in.”

“Is that everything he said to you?”

“Yes I think so.”

“Are you sure?” he asked

“Yes I’m sure.” I smiled queasily.

“Good, he is a fucking creep how does he get away with it?”

“Why didn’t you say anything to him?”

“Why didn’t you stop him?” he snapped back.

“Because I was frozen on spot all I could do was move back, I was scared.”

“Then there’s your answer I was scared I couldn’t control my anger.” He looked at me and shrugged a little.

I smiled a little; he must care for me a little a bit.

“Besides I can’t protect you in jail.” He continued smiling back at me.

“Hey Braydon” A blonde hair called sitting down with two other boys.

“Hey babe you took your time.” He replied smiling widely I never realised he had a girlfriend, I didn’t expect it.”

“I was late getting in this morning so I had to go to the office and explain to principle Jones why I was late.” She explained looking at me every so often.

“Smashleigh, this my girlfriend Anna, Anna this is Smashleigh from England she is new.” I looked at Anna feeling a hint of jealousy but I don’t even have feelings for him. “And that’s Jake and Tyler they are fraternal twins.”

“Hi guys” I smiled pleasantly at them and they smiled back.

“So Smashleigh what brings you to Old Fort from England?” Anna asked me curiously.

“Well..I…I…had no other choice but too.” I replied feeling my eyes well up.

“Your parents made you move without asking?” She asked.

“Well…um…my uncle…lives here.” I paused for a while wiping my eyes. “My parents…they…di..ed”

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know.” Braydon said when Anna covered her mouth in shock. He put his arm round me.

“It’s fine, well it’s not but what can you do.” I wiped my eyes and stood up “I’m just going to go.” I sniffed and hurried out of the canteen.




“Well done Anna you knew what happened to her parents you didn’t need to rub it in.” I looked at her disapprovingly she is getting on my last nerves.

“I’m sorry Braydon but she was all over you what was I supposed to do.”  She replied.

“We need her remember if she doesn’t like you then she is never going to help.” I looked at the twins “did you get me that information I asked for?”

“Yes it’s all in your locker, Elliot Figgins address social ID bank statements everything.” Tyler said with a proud smile on his face.

“Good work I need him taking down.” I smiled, Anna looked at me curiously.

“Mr Figgins?” She pouted “He is the best teacher here.”

“He is collateral damage; he tried it on with Smashleigh.” I replied. “You don’t like him do you?”

“You don’t like her do you?

“No it’s just business but you obviously like him, he prays on young girls.”

“We just got lucky with that one, now she thinks she can trust you with her life, poor little British girl.”

“Anna, be nice.” I snapped.

“Aw is ickle you jealous?”

“No I am with you.”

“Good remember that next time you reassuring her you have a back.” She pulled out her pocket  knife. “And put this in it while you’re at it.” She laughed and put it away.

“Can’t you just be nice?” I asked disappointedly.

“When did you become soft, oh I know the second she came in the door.”

“Well your sister gave her a reality check.”

“What do you mean my sister?”

“She went full out diva it was hilarious but Smashleigh KO’d her it was hilarious” Anna’s face twisted a little she was not happy with what I had told her.

“Huh well it obviously wasn’t a big enough reality check” Anna was furious.

“Calm down we need to be nice remember?” 


The End

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