In Another Life

A woman becomes a surrogate mother to a pregant teen. There is a lot of drama within the girls past and it catches up to her and changes her life forever.


The sound of a gun firing echoes throughout the house. Annie, grasping the handgun, is frozen in fear. Joan has no other choice but to be brave. She needs to save Annie's baby. Protect him, nurture him as she has his whole two weeks of life.

As Joan speeds up the staircase, she remembers all of the times she'd felt as if someone was watching her. Now she realizes she had been right. Someone, or  people, were watching her every move. Why didn't she trust her instincts? Because who ever heard of a sixty-two year old woman having a stalker? Because she didn't want to believe it.

She reaches the top of the stairs, turns to the right and races down the hall. She stops at the master bedroom with an attached nursery. She had given this room to Annie when she moved in. Joan was just as comfortable in the bedroom across the hall.

Joan enters the room and turns left to the nursery. She races to the crib to assess Noah, but he isn't there. Joan feels her chest tighten, her heart beating even faster than before. Joan's memory goes in over drive as she recalls the infants calming face. His gigantic blue eyes, perfect pink mouth. "Noah! Where are you?" she shrieks. Tears pouring down her face. "I'm so sorry Noah, I'm so sorry!" The screech of the door behind her opening forces Joan to turrn. She is greeted by a tall, thin man wearing a ski mask, dressed in all black, and holding a pistol. He walks towards Joan, the gun in his left hand, held at his side.

"Noah is in a better place now Joan. And soon, you will be too." He lifts the gun, points it at her heart, and pulls the trigger.

The End

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