I was feeling so disoriented, so… groggy and weird, light, but pressured by gravity. I was dreaming the whole time? No… yes? Uhh, No! This was too real, and I had so many memories, it had lasted too long for it to be any sort dream, a coma? My arguing in my head was going back in forth with myself, trying to prove fact over fiction.


I started to feel primary senses now, I felt some sort of surrounding, some sort of air, no smell, no hearing… This was weird… too weird.

I managed to get up, everything blurry, I was really groggy, my head was aching… Everything was aching, really. I wasn’t anywhere to what I could see, and I couldn’t see anything. I wasn’t on the surface of a forest, no dirt in my vision, no bugs or vegetation, not in a cell with grey brick walls, nor was I in an interrogation room with some man that thought himself of a god.


The End

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