Silence SoonMature

I was running harder than I felt possible and sweat was rushing down my face, this was Summer after all, and in this weather… I had to catch my breath a few times, I rested until I could hear the sirens of the police squad cars near, then it was time for me to man up and get moving again. I tripped a couple of times, but nothing too severe, I stubbed my toe once before, and it got infected, that was the worst run that I had experienced, I was extra careful for the next few trips.


At this time I was straining to keep up my body weight, as well as my supplies, which were in a worn backpack that I found in one of the schoolyards… Trust me, I needed it more than them. I was sweating so much that I felt disgusted by the amount of sweat that my body was producing, I managed to get most of it out of my eyes. I was blinking longer than usual, I was a bit concerned about this, but I had no time to stop. I was running then I heard a branch break, I snapped around halfway..

Everything went black.

The End

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