Lying just isn't EnoughMature

A young man is framed for treason and must do anything it takes to flee the police, but has a twist to his own logic.

I was sprinting through the forest now, they had to be close because I was on foot, while they had cars, trucks, jeeps.

I hated everyone. They had sold me out again, they knew that I was framed but, at this point, they were starting to believe the lies themselves. I had ran for hours at a time, I was moving from city to city, they always seemed to show up wherever I managed to run off to. The people always sold me out, they were all the same. I hardly stayed a full night in a single house before I moved on, I could tell when they would call the police by the looks on their face.

At this time, I seemed to know that my efforts were just an addition to my time in the hell that was coming, I didn’t care, I had my freedom for the time being, and that was worth anything. I knew that they were faster than me; I was smarter… or so I thought.


I had been given out once-more and was on the run. On this rare occasion, the police actually managed a glance at me before I bolted through my planned escape route. I started my exhausting-sprint-mode when I was just across from the forest. I got to the first tree in no time at all, but I was already wheezing a good bit, I knew they had caught me off-guard, because I noticed that my spare bottle of water was not in my bag.

I knew this was going to be a pain.

The End

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