Ch. 3

I felt a paw on my mouth; I opened my eyes.

"shhhhh." Thimble moved his paw,"Come on, Follow me."

Thimble was wearing a dark green cloak that had a nut shaped pin holding it on the front. He handed me a black one with a leaf pin; I put it on and threw the hood over my head.

Just before we left his room I grabbed a brown backpack; I looked in the mirror; My blonde curley hair was now dark brown almost black.

I gasped, "Thimble! WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

"It changes your disguise no one will know who you are."

"Is it permanant?!" My voice was frantic and I was pulling my hair.

"No, no...Only if you want it to change back."

I sighed with relief,"ok, Lets go."

We walked down the dirt hallway like ninjas.

"Were almost out; as soon as we reach the exit; you jump on my back."


We reached the exit hole and he picked me up and threw me on his back.

As soon as I got on his back he was off. We ran through the grass, as he was running I noticed the three creatures that where talking about eating me earlier were now fighting about wether they should bake me or barbeque.

I laughed at the fact that they didn't even notice I was gone.

I felt like a warrior about to go off to battle. Though I didnt know why we were going to Thendle town, in fact I couldnt recall why I was here in the first place.

But I figured this as a dream and I should just enjoy it as it comes.

"Hey Thimble?"

He panted,"W-What H-Ha-Hannah?"

"Why are we going to Thendle town?"

"C-Can I tell you W-when I'm N-not panting?"

I laughed and held tight to his soft fur; I slowley fell asleep, his fur smelled like sweet watermelon. Being a mouse I would think it wouldn't smell this sweet.

The End

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