Ch. 2

I sat naked and cold watching two of Thimbles sisters; sewing a new dress for me, for one of his brothers found mine and chewed it to peices...their excuse was,"Oh, he's just teething."

They had a hand crank sewing machine; My new dress was brown and dirty white. the sleeves will only go to my elbos, and the front is a square neck. the front of the dress starts dark brown and then hemmed with a light brown ribbon and then pleated with a short dirty white skirt.

"there we are. All done." said a light brown sister of Thimble. She handed me my new dress and helped me to pull it over my head.

"what about underwear?"

"oh right trousers..." I sighed deeply and sat back down waiting again for them to sew me some silk panties.

"Where really, truley sorry for what our brother did to your origonal dress."

"It's al'right, he didn't mean it." I looked at my tiny feet and thought how im just going to have to get used to walking around with no shoes.

"here you are. Nice pair of silky undies." She handed me purple silk underwear.

I slipped them on and the looked in a broken peice of a once giant mirror.

"thank you." I said with a girly voice.

"No problme my sweet."

"wheres thimble?" I wonderd out loud.

"Oh, you'll want to look in his chambers; Just follow the smell of sweet melon." she pointed out the door and I walked bear footed on the dirt floored tunnel.

the dirt was cool and moist; I inhaled a wiff of the air.

The smell that called out to me the most was a strong watermelon. I followed the sweet watermelon down a long hall and admired the small mushroom lights.

finally I came to a door; I knocked.

"Who is it?" I hear Thimble answer.

"It's me, Hannah."

"Hannah? is that your name?" His voice got closer to the door and the door then opend.

I peeked into his room and noticed that he was packing a bag.

"Are you going somwhere?"

"Oh, right, yeah."


"Thendle town..."his voice seemed low like he was hiding somthing.

"Where's that?" He walked me to a map.

"Here," I looked where he pointed and calculated how far from here that would be; then added how much further it would be for us since we are so small.

"At this point everything is the same size; although we are small now, in another world we are the same hight."

"Can I come too?"

"Ofcourse, you cant be stuck in this rat hole all your life."

I laughed,"no pun intended. When will we leave?"

"tonight, when everyone but the night crawlers are awake."

The End

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