In a world that no one knows about

A made up world were crazy things happen everyday lives a normal little girl who details everything, she wonders what is going on, how she got here, and if it is all real...

Rubbing my eyes I double take; Where am I?

I look around at the odd new place at which I lay on the ground competely bewilderd.

There are flowers the size of my head and they were glowing as bright as the moon but in many different colors. The creatures that live normally in this wonderous place surrounded me.

"should we eat her?"

I stirred and stood on my feet only to stumble and fall to the ground,"y-you talked." I pointed to a giant grasshopper that had a distinct british accent.

"ofcourse you daft child, how else must we speak our minds? surely you wouldnt think we would continuously write to eachother." he rolled his eyes and continued to over look me.

"b-but your a grasshopper, grasshoppers dont talk..." I scratched my head in complete confusion, where am I?

"I'm a what? Grasshopper? what is a grasshopper? I'm sorry dear child but did you just make that species of creature up in your own mind?"

"No, you are. I do not make things up." I spoke harshly towards the giant grasshopper.

"I don't know what a grasshopper is my child, but I am Humphrey Jeremy; you may call me jeremy."

I looked at the other creatures,"This is sally sutherwind, jamalynn offcross, and thimble stelling." I looked at the odd creatures towering over me.

sally sutherwind was a magnifacent squirel, her fur was dark black and as the sun reflected off, a slight shade of blue and purple could be seen.

Jamalynn offcross was a large turtle wearing an eye glass his big yellow eyes starred me down and I could see the frightend reflection of myself inside it.

Thimble stelling was a small mouse about as tall as me, he look intrested and nervous at the same time.

I did not greet them; I watched as they ponderd wether to eat me on a stick or boiled with sweet grass dew.

Thimble the mouse did not par take in this conversation of dinner plans. He eyed my way of dress and walked on his two back legs as a human would. I, as it was; lying on the ground he nelt down to my level and looked deep at me. a sense of pitty washed over me. He held out his paw and his four fingers were as small as mine. I took his paw and he pulled my off my seat.

"Guys! Shut it! your makin 'er upset!" Thimble proclaimed.

everyone eyed me and then continued to talk about stewing me with potatoes and honey basil.

Thimble whisperd in my tiny ears,"They aren't joking, they'l eat you up if you dont scat!"

"But, I do not wish to be eaten. Surely I can change thier plans."

"I'm 'fraid not miss, We can beat a hasty retreat beneith the brush, but they be bigger then we so run fast we must!"

He took my hand and we ran, My legs too short and each stride helped none in our retreat; He threw me onto his back and ran as fast as the wind on all fours.

I could feel wind on run through my hair; I clinged to his soft brown fur and hid my face in his back. The light of the sun faded, I knew we were safe by the speed of his stride, he slowed to a steady walk,

I looked up slowly and I noticed mushrooms on the sides of the walls, glowing bright yellow.

"Right miss, we are safer down here in my nest."

He lead me off his back and I looked around,"You live here?" I asked.

"Yes, but tisn't just me livin under here. Many brothers and sister live with me, and me mum."

"How many brothers and sister do you have?"

"I amoung thousands of brothers and many more thousands of sisters."

"Wow...I only have two brothers, and their stinky and loud."

"But love them well you must! Blood runs thickly in veins of a sibbling."

"Well, yes I love my brothers but they pinch my arms and mess up my hair all the time."

he laughed and we reached a small wooden door,"Try not to talk to much, not til they are comfortable around yah." I nodded and he opend the door.

millions of mice were walking down a spiral of stairs. black, white, brown, spotted.

they were all carrying food in their cheeks and dropping it on a big plate.

"They work like ants!"

"what is an ant, me brothers and sisters must feed mum, she's too big to leave the house."

I looked at the big fat mouse eating small bites like a queen would at a tea party.

"MUMMY! I'VE BROUGT A GUEST!" Thimble yelled.

all the mice stopped and looked at me. The big mouse looked at me and swollowed the last bite she took.

"Sonny, who is this? And why have you brought her to our home?" she exagerated the "h" in her "Why."

"The fella's wanted to eat her mum. Thought it smart to hide her for a while, just till they dont give a flip bout her."

The big mouse starred at me and then to her children,"Well, Dont just stand there, LETS EAT!"

All his sibblings moved out the way for other brothers to pull a tabel and their mother at the head of the tabel. There were no chairs, I stood on the side next to Thimble.

"Mum's so nice to strangers; Feeds 'em like a king." he winked at me and his brothers were serving everyone at the table individual plates of food.

Once I recieved mine, I could smell the cheeks it once touched.

"go on, eat it!" Thimble urged me.

I pinched my nose and closed my eyes... I didn't want to be rude, I took my mangled fork and poked a peice of undesierable food and put it in my mouth. I did not chew it, I swollowed and tried not to vomit.

I could feel the texture of whatever it was sliver down my throat and settle in my stomach.

"Goodness child; are you sick?" the big mouse asked.

I did not answer. I heard other mice comment, "Her face is all green."

"she's gunna blow!"

I felt the vomit rise up in my stomach to my throat; it burned to escape my lips. I put a finger to my mouth and swollowed. I took a deep breath of cold moist air in this den,"water?" Thimble asked.

"please?" I answered.

"WATER!" He shouted. A big brown male mouse ran to a small water fall inside the den and held a bucket in his mouth; he filled it and then ran to me.

"AHH!" I screamed as he pourd the cold water on me,"I MEANT TO DRINK!"

"Ooops sorry miss." his voice sounded dumpy and slow,"still a bit left in the bucket." he handed it to me and I drank it quickly and wiped my mouth off with my sleeve.

"Mummy I think out guest fancies a nap, quite exciting day she had."

the big mouse nodded and Thimble took my hand and we walked passed the small water fall to another tunnel.

"Sorry about that, i'll have you clean as a whistle in just a moment."

"You cant clean me! Your a boy!" I objected.

"Well why not!? I wash my sisters all the time! nothing to see that they dont got!"

"I'm not a mouse! I dont have the same parts as a mouse!"

"Fine then clean yourself!"

"thank you." I pinched my face as if I had smelled somthing funny and walked like a winner to the bathroom.

Thimble opened the door for me; The room was huge; There was a water fall coming from the ceiling filling a large pond like bath tub; Three of Thimble's sisters were grooming eachother with soap bars and combs. the room was filled with steam and it smelled of fresh rose powder.

"Do you mind washing with my sisters? They might not be your kind but they are your kind...if yo uknow what I mean." he chuckled and started to walk away.

"Thimble..." I spoke,"T-thank you...for your hospitality." I curtsied and he bowed and walked away shutting the door behind him.

The End

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