Say What, Now?

What I saw was almost unexplainable. It was a giant white room, bigger than any room I had ever seen. It was full of things, tv screens, computers, gadgets, and so many people. There were things down there I never even imagined let alone exist. I couldn't see the wall on the other side of the room.

"Come on." Jason said. We walked over to where the plasma tv screens were at. In the middle was a dark, heavy set, woman. She spun around in her chair. "Hi, Mother Hen."

"Hi Jason, I see you successfully got Alex here. How'd that go for you Mr.Brightside?"

"That's all I'm going to be called now, isn't it?'

"Pretty much."

She smiled at me, "Alex, so great to finally see you in person. I noticed that you brought Vanilla with you, I remember when you called her Banilla."

Jason tried to hide a laugh and only half succeeded, "You did." He mumbled.

I stood there bright red with my mouth hanging wide open, "W-what?" I stuttered.

"Look." Said Mother Hen who was currently glaring at Jason. She took Vanilla out of my pocket and typed something on a keyboard.

She pointed the animal's eyes at me, I saw on the tv screen me standing where I was now. I gasped, "You've been..." I couldn't finish.

"Watching you since you were born, yes." Jason continued. I slapped him again, just on instincts. "Would you stop that!"

"Hey, you've asked for it every time, Jason." said Mother Hen

"You've been watching me?" I almost screamed.

"Yes, but it was purely to keep you safe." The woman said.

"How does..."

"Alex, this is to much for you right now. All I'm going to tell you is you have two choices, now we can either wipe your memory from birth and send you to a orphanage telling them that you have no memory, or you can stay here and work for us."

"But, what are you?"

"Have you ever seen, Men in Black?"

"Yeah, it was my favorite movie when I was little."

"Well, that movie was a spoof of what we are."

"So, your life revolves around aliens? Wait, can I be Agent J?" I asked excitedly.

"No, if anyone was going to be Agent J, it would be me." Jason said.

"Oh, shut up."

Mother Hen laughed, "It doesn't revolve around just aliens. It's about almost everything."


"You know how, in the movie, Will Smith would go and safe something from an alien attack?" I nodded. "Well, for us it could be anything, a terrorist to a coven of vampires."

"Vampires are real?"

"All of the myths and creatures are real." Jason commented.

"Oh, so we can go to Egypt and see a mummy? I've been dying to see one since I was little."

"You believe in mummies?" Jason said trying to hide a laugh.

I rolled my eyes. "I guess I'm in."

"Great, follow me." Mother Hen stood up. I followed her. "You can't be recognized now that you are one of us." she sat me down into a chair. "Chad?"

A man came out with scissors. "Wait? No! You are not touching my hair." I said angrily.

"Oh, come on." When did Jason get there? "I've seen guys get they're head shaved. Just be glad you aren't one of them."

"You want to do this, Jason?"

"Nah, I'm good."

"Then shut up."

By the time everything was over, my hair was shoulder length and lighter, I was wearing makeup for the first time, and I had a whole new wardrobe.

"Now, let me show you where you are going stay." Mother Hen said.


I followed her to another area of the giant room. There was a long hallway with many numbers on the doors. "You will be in room number 647."

I nodded. Jason jumped, "She's next to my room?" he yelled, "Mother Hen." he whined.

"Sorry Jason."

I stuck my tongue out at him. We've only been together for about two hours and we already act like siblings. I went to my room. There was a bed, a small tv, a bathroom, and a nightstand with a lamp on it. It reminded me of a cheap motel. The room was pretty big though.

The End

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