In a Small Town

People always say that weird things happen in small towns, but I didn't ever think that it got this weird of things happened. Who are these people, what did they want?

When I was little, every night after dinner I would sit outside on our staircase. It would only be a minuet before my friend came. A little black cat with beady green eyes. I named him Tiger.

I would tell him everything abut my day, I would show him everything, heck he knew everything. My mom started to get worried about me, I spent so much time with that cat.

"Alex, sweetie, your a big girl now." My mother said to me

"I know, I know, I need stop carrying blanky around."

"No, well yes, but I was talking about Tiger."


"Yes, I think your to big for Tiger now."

She talked me out of having Tiger around anymore. She bought me a little stuffed animal to make up for it. The animal was a small, white seal that I named Vanilla.

I was now sixteen and still brought Vanilla everywhere with me.

I had problems at school, but so did everyone, right? I really had no friends, well at least real friends.

One day at school I felt like someone was watching me everywhere I went. At lunch I sat by myself. I heard a someone talking, quietly, "Target spotted, Alexandra Williams." I recognized my name and became worried, "Sixteen, long blond hair, light blue eyes." the male voice continued.

On the walk home from school I felt as if I were being followed. That's it I have a stalker. I've never seen a stalker in the small little town of Edwall. I turned the corner and into the alley, I waited for stalker to come.

They turned the corner, I grabbed him by the shirt and push him against the brick wall. "Who are you and why are you stalking me?" I realized  that this was a bad idea instantly.

The stranger push me on the ground and ran off. I got back to my house and did homework. If I ignored the fact that someone is following me, that my life was probably endangered, and that I kept seeing Tiger again, and again all  through the day, It was a perfectly normal day. Yeah, I was ignoring all that.

I took a shower happily singing That's What You Get by Paramore and went to bed. At exactly midnight, my cell phone rang. Unknown number, I answered anyway. "Hello?"

The End

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