Stac agonized over the thought of meeting Violet, every friend Stace had had for almost as long as she could remember, she had felt the need to drive away, she could never let her self become too close to anyone, no matter how nifty they were. The only person Stace felt she was close to was her boyfriend, but even that she didn't think about too hard because she knew i n the back of her mind that if she thought about it too hard she would realise that even her boyfriend who she had lived with for years, she barely knew. as a result of her self inflicted ostracization the only people she consider to be her "friends" were truely those her boyfriend. she did not want to have to push away another friend, she thought maybe if her boyfriend aproved (his was the opinion that mattered most to her) than she would not feel the need to come up with some reason to push Violet away, so she invited him to come along to the bar that evening.

When Violet arrived at the bar that evening i was mostly empty, a couple of smokey people sittig at small round tables, waiting for people who would never arrive, and only two people at opposite ends of the bar. She decided, since her new potential friend Stace had not yet arrived, to entertain herself for the time being. She approched the considerably more handsome of the two men at the bar. He was wearing a wife beater that was just tight enough to show th outline of his muscular chest and stoumache, but not so tight that it was show-offy, he was tall and had shaggy hair that needed a cut, and two full sleeve arms of tatoos. They talked and flirted, and all thoughts of her new friend slipped from Violets mind, intill Stace showed up and introduced this sexy customer as her boyfriend, Michael

The End

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