Violent Violet

When Violet was four, she wanted to be a dancer.  When she was five, she wanted to be a singer.  When she was six, she wanted to be both. 

When she was seven, she turned her ambitions away from the performing arts and wanted to be a teacher, just like Daddy. 

Daddy left home when Violet was eight and never returned, and then she stopped wanting to be anything at all.

By the time Violet reached the age of ten, she was a friendless, lonely little girl, living with a bitter mother who preferred the company of a bottle or two of cheap wine to her only daughter.  Most days, she went to school unwashed,  and dressed in dirty, creased clothes, late because her mother was too drunk still, in the morning to wake up, and Violet overslept too, because her mother didn't know, or care, that her daughter didn't get to sleep most nights until around two or three o'clock.

Between eleven and sixteen, she was expelled from school after school, because the only way she could get attention was by beating up on other kids.   She left home at the age of seventeen, uninterested in singing, dancing, teaching or her ravaged mother.  She wasn't interested in herself either, much.  She found a room in a house where she didn't have to pay much rent, and I job in a fast-food restaurant which paid minimum wage.

She decided one day to get a tattoo, which brought her to the tattoo shop where Stace was working.  Stace and Violet hit it off immediately, and arranged to meet up in a bar after Stace finished that night.   Soon they were seeing each other every night, and Violet finally had a friend.

The End

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