In a Pickle Chapter 5

Chapter 5                     Oh shucks, it's a shoe

   Like I said in Chapter 4, " A human's shoe". I panicked. I gasped. I bit my skin. Ouch. I waited for someone to say something. Even the word " A".  I heard more whispers. Some on my left, some on my right. I had to move side to side to hear, waving my hair all around. For I am a handsomely devilish man. heh.

  I listened in. I heard two voices. One gruff trucker kind of voice, and one prancy Western drawl voice, most likely to be a lady.

" Eh lady!" the gruff man yelled.

" Wat do yah want Troutface?!" Prancy said.

" Dis yur pickle?" Troutface asked. " And mah name's ain't Troutface!"

" Naw! This ain't mah pickle----holy smokes, look at the size of that thang." said Prancy Lady. I wondered what they were doing. Staring at me. Well, not me, the pickle.

" Troutface?" Prancy Lady said. Gruff man grunted. Prancy lady said " That is one bigggg pickle yew got dare. Where yew find that beauty?"

" No idea." said Gruff man. He kicked the pickle. It hit my spine. " Ochhoooo!" I scream-whispered. " Holy!" said Prancy. " There must be a rabid whats-it in 'dare!"

I got one of those lightbulb ideas and made yacking noise. " KCHHHH! FSHHH!!! CHCHCHCHOOOO! OPAPAPAAPASHHH!!"

I sounded like a rabid kid if you ask me. I heard Prancy running or stomping.

" Let's scram outta here Troutface!" I heard running feet and then a slam, then the humming of  a car and they musta drove straight outta here.

 Then I wondered. Why didn't I ASK  them for help? Crud.

And I lay there for a minute slapping myself then falling into an idiot's dream.

The End

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