In A Perfect World...

My ideas of what I would find in a perfect world. This was an assignment for a creative writing class I took online last fall. It's not grammatically correct by any means as it is like one big run on sentence with random punctuation added. But they are my feelings and my thoughts, thanks for reading!

In a perfect world, there would be no discrimination, our views on reality would no be so closely monitored by television, our children would not know war, our vehicles would not run on environmentally-suffocating, toxic waste, our government would not only recognize problems but establish a means of taking action.

In my perfect world, the human race would cease their attempts at deciding what is the right way to live and putting those down who they consider "beneath" themselves.

In a perfect world, minimum wage would be much more than the current situation which leaves seventy percent of Ontarians just at, if not below the official poverty level.  Sales of illegal weapons would be unheard of and in any cases occurring, the person(s) involved would face severe charges and jail time.

In a perfect world, spouses would believe in the sanctity of marriage, never cheat, and never fight over who deserves to have what or worse off, fight over the rights to their children.  No child should ever have to be put through divorce.

In my perfect world, I would be less self conscious, I would be less worried about the opinions of others and more concerned with my own happiness.  I could believe that God really does have a plan for all those who are no longer with me and accept death as a blessing rather than a direct attack on me and my loved ones.

In a perfect world... I could just be.

The End

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