Ten Years LaterMature

Ten Years Later

I walked down the cobblestone pathway my heels clicking against the bricks that were intertwined with each other. The cool fall breeze brushing against my pale porcelain face.  I sighed and propped myself up against a nearby birch tree, my black leather boot glistening in the light sun that managed to break through the canopy of leaves that hung above me.
 “Well look at what I found here, the prince’s pet-“I heard a nasally snicker say behind me a couple feet back. The sound of the heavy footsteps stomping into the luscious green grass was heard, I rolled my light green eyes knowing exactly who was walking up behind me.

 “Like you have room to talk Luca, you can barely step away from your territory without having a panic attack.” I said smirking, pushing lightly off of the tree standing fully erect. I crossed my arms across my chest tightly and narrowed my eyes into a glare as I stared down Luca’s hazelnut round eyes. His nostrils flared in anger at my snotty remark.
 “At least I have a home Raven, what do you have? Nothing? What have you done for our world? Nothing. You are nothing Raven you always have been and always will be. Why don’t you go back to the pitiful hole you came out of and be someone else’s pet. Because frankly my dear you don’t belong here.” Luca said harshly every word he said he spat out like venom off of his tongue. I barred my teeth together and exhaled sharply, I tried to remain calm, inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale.

“Awe what’s wrong half breed cat got your tongue?” Screw it. I thought to myself before I lunged at him, my claws digging into his flesh, tearing through it easily like a knife cutting through butter. I felt a searing pain in my right shoulder as I felt teeth sink into my already scarred flesh. I looked him in the eyes and clenched my hand into a fist and swung it into his jaw hearing a snap,his jaw seemingly detaching itself like a key coming out of its lock. I smirked and pounded my hand into his face repeatedly before I was tackled off of him. I felt my back make contact with the soft grass beneath me. I gasped in shock as I looked up at the person who pinned me. His long chestnut hair covered his piercing ruby, oval eyes. I saw an evil glint hit his eye as I swung my hand to hit him in the ribs. But to my dismay he grabbed my fist and pulled my arm. I felt my arm lock up as he yanked my arm the opposite direction against the ground. I heard a loud pop as my arm lay there motionless to the right of me. I ground my teeth together and jerked my knee into his groin and quickly jumped to my feet. Luca was up and approaching me slowly. I smiled and stood up straight breathing heavily, clutching my right arm tightly. I felt warm liquid seep down my shoulder blades to my back.

“Awe what’s wrong Luca you’re not man enough to fight me alone?” I said smugly before I was kicked in the ribs and thrown into a tree the wind getting knocked out of me. I felt like our fight had lasted for hours but in reality was only 20 minutes. I was about to finish my fight when I heard a familiar male voice.

“This fight end’s now!” I followed the sound to see the king standing next to me I gasped and tried to curtsy but I collapsed to my knees and lowered my body as far as I could.

“Your highness, we were simply rough housing, no harm done.” I heard Luca laughing nervously throwing his hands up grabbing his partner in crime, The king snarled and yanked me to my feet by grabbing my bad arm which I was clutching desperately. I bit my tongue trying not to yelp in pain remembering the kings’ words: Do not show fear Raven, if you show fear you show weakness, and in your weakness you are vulnerable. If you are in pain you grit your teeth and fight through it.

The End

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