Raven Renegade Monroe is an impure vampire.Raven has been accused of first degree murder and locked away in a cell. The very man she loves doesn't even believe her. She is on a hunt to prove her innocence and looks into the murder to find that the one thing she was trying to forget about the past may be the reason why she is alive.

The calming sound of rustling leaves were gently heard whispering against the navy blue midnight sky that was adorned by twinkling constellations. I took a deep breath making her chest heave lightly as the scent of Plumerias, Roses and a variety of other flowers filled the night air. I had always liked the aroma during the night, everything seemed sweeter during the evening than it did in the midst of the sun during the day. The breeze gently kissed the apples of my cheeks; the night was quiet and calm just like my aura at that moment. I walked silently through the canopy of flowers and trees that cradled the earth and kept me hidden from anyone who tried to search me. I knew these woods inside and out, backwards and forward. I could close my eyes and name every plant and tree in front of me without faltering. But then again I never wavered in any decision that I had made. I followed the blossoming chocolate cosmos that danced along the luscious green grass, there beautiful maroon color led the way like the moonlight in darkness; the scent of coca and vanilla filled the air from the rare chocolate cosmos that were in full bloom.

 “No, Please spare my life . . . no, what are you?!?!?” I heard a young woman’s timid voice ask in the distance before a shrill and desperate scream followed thereafter. Suddenly the night was illuminated in a black and red orange hue that matched the sunrise. I heard more blood curdling screams and the pungent odor of smoke filling her nostrils. I let out a rough cough that seemed to come from the very base of her lungs. Deer, rabbits and other animals scurried around in a frantic manner as black ash began to fall from the sky like a snow storm. Shrieks and shrills pierced the night air like the sound a hammer makes when it makes contact with an anvil, the flames engulfing my once beautiful home into a chasm of despair. So many people, my father’s people ran screaming their bodies set in a painful blaze.

 “Run, Raven don’t look back, never look back”

I heard my father’s voice whisper in my head as my feet pounded into the rough gravel ground.  What was I running from? Where was I supposed to go? My head was spinning as my heart beat quickened I couldn’t do this alone, no I needed to find him. I couldn’t escape without him. I finally found enough air in my lungs to scream for my childhood friend. “DEVARION!!”

 I felt my head pound as I heard the loud thud of footsteps behind me. They didn't sound like a normal person's walk the sound resonating in the air sounded like claws, nails digging across the gravel as a loud thud was followed shortly after. I was tired of running my heart pounded so hard I lost all of my breath. How could I keep running when I had no set destination, no rendezvous point? What was the point, I had been running at least 4 miles with the sound of that thing never letting up.  I turned sharply on the balls of my feet and turned around slowly to see what terrifying creature was following me that would leave my father cold with fear.  I screamed at it my eyes shutting closed.

 "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!" I yelled out trying to open my eyes but they were closed tightly, I couldn't move them, it was like they were cemented in place. Suddenly I felt hot breath brush my cheek to my ear. The breath was so hot it felt like coals of a fire were dragged across my flesh.

"I want your soul." Its demented bellowing tone said simply, I desperately tried to open my eyes but that very sentence ran my body cold. I let out a shaky breath and moved my head up slowly looking straight ahead.

"Take what you need but in exchange I want you to leave my father's people in peace and never return to my home again." I said sternly, I heard a shrill sigh and rush of hot wind ram into my body so hard that I heard a snap in my spine.

 "Very well Raven, if that is what you desire." I heard manic laughter follow its words before everything was silenced, the only thing I heard was the sound of the ground cradling my body and loud ringing in my ears so piercing it sounded like a mosquito.

 "Raven, Raven, Raven you foolish girl you will regret ever making a pact with me."

"RAVEN, Oh by the gods no! Please, please no stay with me Raven" I heard a familiar male’s voice echo around me.

"Until Next time Raven" I felt the hot air rush into my skin leaving me breathless. I gasped for oxygen my chest heaving heavily up and down, I opened my eyes shaking uncontrollably.

 "Devarion?" I asked faintly, feeling a sharp pain in my chest, I grimaced and clutched my bussom and tried to catch my breath. I looked around deliriously to see my wounds. I couldn't move due to my right leg being severely fractured. I looked at the protruding shin bone sticking out of my flesh like a piece of grass from the bottom of a field, what remaining flesh I had was hanging desperately to muscle tissue. I tried to relax myself but all of the pain of my wounds surged through every nerve ending in my being.

“Yes Raven it’s me, try to relax, deep breathes okay. Copy me, inhale and exhale.” He said taking in deep breathes, I mimicked his breath and locked my eyes with his almond shaped emeralds. Trying to stay focused on something but I couldn’t stop my shaking, I could feel myself losing the battle for life, I felt my body turn cold like a raging storm, my once perfect vision became clouded.
 “Devarion. . . where. . . where are you?” I managed to ask in-between my violent coughs that were making a sickening crunch in my rib cage.
 “Raven I won’t let you die, stay with me . . . please just stay awake.” I could hear the desperation in his deep and sultry voice. I could no longer see or feel the ground beneath me just my body bouncing gently like the calming waves against a shore. I felt like I was floating forever until I saw a piercing light.

“Come now Raven it’s time to leave this mortal form, come my child.” I heard a soft angelic voice say, I reached my hand out to feel a soft but firm hand grasp my own.

 “Where are we going?” I asked, I could hear Devarion’s voice screaming my name distantly. I looked around but still could only see the blinding light in the fog.

 “Child do not question me, you must come now.” The voice got lower by an octave and sounded eerie.

“No I can’t leave Devarion”

 “Damn you foolish girl! “ The voice bellowed deeply as everything turned to black, I started hyperventilating feeling like a boulder was pushed into my chest. I desperately tried to breathe as I felt the hand that once held me no longer grasping my slender wrist.

“You are mine Raven Monroe.” I felt claws deeply embed themselves in my flesh as a rush of hot liquid seeped into my veins, I screamed at the sound of my skin bubbling.

“Noooo, noooo no stop please it burns.” I begged as I felt tears roll down my cold cheeks. I yanked my arm back and screamed clutching it tightly as I heard the bubbling increase loudly.

 “Devarion! You have to bite her it’s the only way! “

 “But lady Creticia, she will die. . . “
“She’s dying anyway do it now boy.”
 I could hear the conversation over my loud screams until I felt a sharp pain in my neck, that vile creature that dug its claws into me was tearing into my flesh like a rabid wolf. I screamed and thrashed about only choking on my own blood. I felt light headed and tired, I- I couldn’t fight any longer. There was nothing I could do.

The End

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