Triple Dog Dare, Yes or No?

    School has just ended, and I, Annabell Smith, have to get around for Cheer Practice. The big game is on Friday night, and the girls and I have to come up with a new cheer.

   Seth Anderson is coming down the hall, and if I didn't know any better, I would say he was heading towards me. This couldn't be good.


    Oh God, oh God. Here it comes.

    "Annabell" I heard Seth, acting as though exspecting me to totally blow him off.

    Turning tword him I put on one of my infamious 'happy' faces and tried to look as though I wasn't totally hating this conversation already.

    "Umm..." he started, looking as though he were going to choke and walk away. Oh how I hoped he would walk away... please walk away!

    But no... he couldn't just walk away, its never that simple. Instead he looked behind him, to his nerd friends, and somehow got the courage to continue to talk. "Annabell Smith," he started, gualping "will you go to the dance with me?!"


OMG!! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!! Seth Anderson, the weirdest guy in school just asked me to the dance!!

The End

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