Impulsive with a Side of Crazy

Seth Anderson, a seventeen year old boy, isn't exactly what you would call your average high school boy. He has a few social issues, and doesn't have very many friends. He's not the coolest guy in school, and nobody really wants to be him.
Then, there's Annabell Smith. She IS your average high school girl. She's the cheer leading captain, the girl everyone wants to be.
On a dare, Seth asks out Annabell, who happens to be the kind of person he doesn't like--so he thinks. Just read to find out h

   It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and I,  Seth Anderson am chilling with some friends in the school library. Yes, it's an odd place to be, but it's the easiest place to be when skipping your third hour history class.

   Annabell Smith, the cheer leading captain walks by, not even bothering to acknowledge we lowly boys. This was the attitude of most popular kids.

   Josh, my best friend, snickers at something.

  "What?" I ask him, ignoring Annabell just as she ignored me.

   "Are you up for a bet?" Josh says, still snickering under his breath.

   "Sure..." I agree, not really knowing what else to do.

   "Okay. I triple dog dare you to ask Annabell Smith out. Twenty bucks says you'll get rejected."

   "Oh, dear God," I mutter.

   "Dude, are you in or not?"

   "Why would I make a bet that I'm sure to lose?" I ask incredulously.

   "You never know, dude. Tables might turn. Sparks might fly."

   "Dude, it's Annabell Smith!" I exclaim.

   Josh just shrugs, eyes wide--clearly asking whether I was in or not.


The End

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