Marie-Rose: The Living Shadow.Mature

With her back against the wall, the 5”1 figure quickly moves towards the backdoor of the large building. Covered by the darkness, she will not be seen unless someone knew exactly where to look.

Humming a made up tune to herself, Marie-Rose moves her body close into the shadows of the night, her fingertips lightly brushing against the bricks of the building. The bright purple of her nail varnish shines as the slim glimpses of light catches them.

Getting to the door, the woman takes out pins from her hair, releasing the tight bun her blonde hair was previously in. With the pins in the lock, she smiles as she hears the soft click of the door unlocking. Opening the door, she pulls out a small circular object from her pocket before pushing a button on it and throwing the object inside.

A bright flash of light explodes inside of the room. From the doorway, the figures appearance is fully seen dressed in a black top with a brightly coloured zombie panda on it, purple skinny jeans and black well-worn trainers. The ends of her hair is an electric blue, contrasting with her bright hair and pale skin.

Her dark green eyes sparkle as a giggle escapes her lips before carrying on humming the tune to the darkness.

After the flash bomb has taken care of the cameras, the young woman slips into the building. Her smiles stretches across her face as she sees all of the old books inside, staked high to the ceiling.  

Swiftly moving through the room, the figure somersaults into the air, pulling herself onto the roof of an old moving truck. Running along the roof, her feet make no sounds as she once again leaps into the air, grabbing hold of a metal banister ahead. Pulling herself up, the woman smiles wickedly, sticking her tongue out at the stairs she could have quiet easily taken to get there.

Her tune starts to get louder as she sneaks towards the locked door of the old office. “Move like a ninja.” She reaches out for the doorknob but discovers it locked. Thinking quickly, the woman jumps into the air and with a swift turn she gives the door a powerful kick causing the mouldy wood to crack and spit splinters inside of the office. “A ninja who is master over locks.” Standing in front of the empty doorway, her hands clasp together before bowing respectfully towards the remains of the door.

A soft giggle passes her lips as she quickly enters the room, opening drawer after drawer, looking for the reason why she is there. The faint sounds of sirens call from afar, telling the woman that she needs to hurry her search and escape.

The building was once owner an acquaintance of Marie-Rose’s. He was working for the government, using this building as a fake book delivery company when really they delivered secret data inscribed on the pages in a hidden code. Mostly they were used to monitor people for the government. The man had the right connections which gave him a high clearance.

Throwing the contents of drawer after drawer onto the office floor, she continues her search, knowing that it has to be there, she has broken into every other place that he had owned after all.     

The sirens sound clearer as the shriek towards the building.

Punching through the bottom of a drawer Marie-Rose pumps her fist in the air triumphantly as she discovers a false bottom revealing the item she was looking for.

Putting it in her pocket, Marie-Rose grabs hold of a box full of books as she runs towards the roof. The sirens screech outside along with the sounds of officers getting out of their cars and running towards the building.

Cold air greets Marie-Rose as she bursts through the roofs door. “Time for some fun!” With a soft giggle she puts the box of books down by her feet and begins throwing book after book off of the roof. With her free hand she flicks her wrist in the direction of the falling books. Feeling energy building and buzzing inside of her body, Marie-Rose laughs as an arrow of darkness quickly forms and hits the book sending pages cascading down towards the street below.

Again and again she does this, laughing as her ability rips apart the books, making them confetti, as if they were celebrating her joy of finding the item.

Seconds after she manipulates the darkness around her to pass her the last book, the officers start to fill the roof. “Have you come to join my party?” Marie-Rose giggles. They aim their guns at her.

“Marie-Rose, you are being charged with breaking and entering, theft, impersonating an officer, doctor and lawyer as well as countless other acts. Come with us peacefully and you won’t get hurt.” A male officer in a dark grey suit glares at her, walking towards her slowly.

Marie-Rose smiles at him playfully. “‘Come with us peacefully and you won’t get hurt.’” She mimics Senior Officer Jessinson’s voice perfectly, causing his jaw to tighten. “How many times do we have to do this officer? You know, sometimes the game can get boring if I win all the time.”

“This time, I will win and you will be behind bars for stealing confidential government documents!” The officer attempts to graph her but Marie-Rose leaps into the air, using the darkness to help her to jumps over his large figure whilst giggling. The other officers attempt to grab at her too but she swiftly dodges them before standing on the edge of the roof. Jessinson smiles. “Looks like you are out of roof Marie-Rose. You’re coming with me.”

She sighs as he confidently strides towards her. “You’re boring me now. Goodbye Senior Office Jessinson.”

Marie-Rose pulls out the wallet of his which she recently stole from him as she walks backwards off of the buildings roof. Air rushes to greet her as her body falls.

Marie-Rose mockingly salutes the officers before letting the shadows to wrap themselves around her, causing her to disappear. Leaning against the wall of the building opposite, Marie-Rose giggles at the officers panicky at their defendant one jumping off a building roof and two, vanishing in plain sight.

Touching the stolen item in her pocket, Marie-Rose steps back into the shadows feeling them transport her to somewhere far away from there.

The End

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