A Brief HistoryMature

About ten years ago the earth was engulfed by a "divine" light that formed four large crystal structures on the earth that radiated power. Not only that but people began developing powers or becoming mutants. Governments and organizations around the world went ballistic wars were had till a New World Coalition arose bring both order and fear and new technologies to the war torn earth. They proposed that these mutants be seperated and studied for the betterment of humanity and to understanding

It was ten years ago when earth was enveloped by it. By what the old religions would have called the Divine light; What the New World Coalition calls the light of judgment.  Whatever it was it forever changed us. For one week our satellites, and meteors rained down from the heavens. There was no night, and the whole world paused.  Then it was gone. There was reports of strange events that were quickly silenced by authorities.  People went on to and tried to put the odd week behind them.  soon four months had past the communication and surveillance satellites had been replaced and it didn't take them long to find the four perfectly placed crystal structures.  Two sitting on the magnetic North and South poles. The other two sitting funny  enough sat on the prime Meridian and and the international dateline on the equator.

There was a rush to understand and study these structures. However some countries felt that they were weapons or could be exploited to make weapons. The conflict elevated to war and at this same time it was revealed that the event had turned some people into mutants. People of power they were put on the front lines leading the terror and bloodshed. Until the New World Coalition rose up decreeing that these people would be segregated from the rest of humanity. Claiming their were dangerous, impulsive, and needed to be studied and kept under surveillance.  Hearing the atrocities that some mutants committed in the war people willingly agreed. The war was over The New World Coalition at the head of reform became the ultimate authority. They took care of the people, they developed new technologies from the structures and from the mutants. The world was enjoying a new golden age of technology.  Mutant terrorist or rebel organizations formed; sometimes endangering the public but normally being thwarted by New World Coalition police. Or as they would have you believe it. 

It seemed like a new utopia had been formed for the majority; but for some the utopia was a  false reality. They were troubled of how the events that had taken place had been thrown under the rug. How the wars, the crystal structures were never talked about. Why people sometimes just vanished, why mutants were relentlessly chased captured and disappeared. Why they were never talked about. Why had the old religions had died? Why people had stopped being aware of the world around them.  This is their story as a new chapter unfolds.

The End

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