6. Lai's Story About Ema

6. Lai’s Story About Ema

Once upon a time, there was an old king who lived in a lavish castle, kept company only by his various servants. He had no wife and no children. Because he was very lonely, and because he knew that he would eventually need an heir, he decided to adopt a child from the nearby village. He told his loyal head servant to go down to the orphanage and to bring back the most deserving young boy or girl that he could find.

The head servant went down to the village, where he soon became taken with a beautiful little girl. She had golden hair and warm eyes, and was very sweet. She had no parents, so he took her back up to the castle and brought her before the king. The king approved of her greatly and decided to adopt her, and thus, she became the princess of the kingdom.

As she grew up, the princess found that she had a gift for helping people. Every day, villagers would come to sit before her throne and tell her about their problems, and she would try to help them find solutions. Even when she had no ideas, just talking to her usually made them feel better. She seemed to have a gift, which she used as often as she could.

Over time, the princess matured into a beautiful young woman, and she began to notice that many of the villagers’ problems had to do with love. She had never been in love before. She wondered what it felt like, and how she could accomplish it. Soon she was practically obsessed with the emotion.

She knew that she needed to find a handsome beau to fall in love with. Her thoughts soon turned to her best friend, a dashing guard who worked in the castle. He was charming, good-looking, and he spent a lot of time with her. He seemed like the perfect man for her to fall in love with. But even though they saw each other often, and he was always gentlemanly and kind, she couldn’t seem to fall in love with him.

The princess grew frustrated and tried to force herself to love him, but it was no use; they remained friends and friends only. But one day, the king heard from one of his servants that the guard and the princess were courting. He had already made arrangements for his adoptive daughter to marry a prince from another kingdom, and he was furious. He sent his servants to attack and drive out all of the guards. Fortunately, the princess’s friend wasn’t harmed. Unfortunately, his father was killed.

When the villagers heard about the attack, they decided that the king was crazy, and they had him cast out. The princess took his place as the reigning monarch, becoming a queen. She continued to help people with their problems, but she was worried about her best friend, who was taking the death of his father very hard. She had barely seen him since the attack. One day, she couldn’t stand it any longer, and she hurried off to find him.

Find him she did, but he was different now. He didn’t seem happy to see her, not even smiling at the sight of her. He told her that he had been making plans. He wanted to get rid of all the servants who had been loyal to the old king, because he thought that they might try to put the king back in power. He even had a plan so that he and his men could secretly kill them without anyone finding out…and he wanted her to help him.

The princess – or rather, the queen – was horrified. How could her friend blame her adoptive father’s mistakes on a bunch of innocent bystanders?! She never would have believed him to be capable of such a terrible thing! She tried to talk him out of it, but he just shouted that he would carry out his plans with or without her, and that if she was really his friend, she would support him. Then he stormed off angrily.

Well, the queen knew that she had to put a stop to this, so she told the servants about the impending attack and had her friend arrested. The crisis was averted, and she returned to her normal routine of helping people. But she was very sad, because her best friend had been banished from the kingdom and she knew that she would never see him again. Everyone noticed her drastic change in behavior. Despite all of the advice she gave out, she couldn’t seem to think of anything that would make herself feel better.

But as luck would have it, a visitor soon came to the castle: it was the prince who her father had intended for her to marry. The queen explained the whole situation to him, and he saw that she was upset and prompted her to talk to him about it. The two of them began to have long conversations, first about all of the calamities that had occurred, and then about anything and everything else. Soon they became friends, and eventually they fell in love.

The queen was so glad that she hadn’t fallen in love with her former friend after all. Now she had found her true love, someone who would care about her and support her no matter what. She stopped regretting the past, and she and her prince got married and lived happily ever after. The end.

The End

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