dragon caught in the arctic, he escapes, with help



The wind swept loose ice shards across the ice cap. Gawain tucked his wings close to his body to prevent them being tugged open. His glowing eyes surveyed the Arctic icecap, searching for prey that he could eat. He hadn't eaten anything for the past two days. He lifted his head and sniffed the air, smelling for prey. He detected some of the annoying two-legs that sometimes harassed him. They didn't taste very good, but they would have to do.

          He spread his wings and allowed the wind to carry him into the air. Then he smelled something else; Arctic Minotaurs. But they were rarely found in this part of the ice cap, for this was the dragons' territory. That must mean one thing; they were imprisoned, and enslaved. Gawain roared angrily, and dived down, scaring the men out of their wits. He hissed angrily, and released his fire. But unlike normal fire, his fire didn't burn things, it was more like an icy flame. He and his kind had evolved that way so they didn't melt the ice.

          Gawain pulled out of the dive at last minute, and landed softly in front of the sledges. They had captured two minotaurs, and both of them were tied to a seperate sledge. Gawain roared angrily, and lunged at a man, but was too slow. A sleeping dart buried itself in his neck, and Gawain collapsed...

          When he awoke, Gawain was tied to a large sledge, secured by iron chains, that he, for all his strength, could not break. He managed to twist his head so he could see ahead, and saw that both the minotaurs had been strapped to it, and forced to pull him along. A man walked near

the Minotaurs, a thick leather whip in his hands. Every time the bull-headed men paused, he cracked the whip, and if they didn't carry on walking, he would whip them with it, leaving a glowing red mark.

          Gawain hissed angrily, but the man just cracked the whip. Then he felt a sharp pain in his neck again, and all went black. When he regained consciousness, the first thing he smelled was the Minotaurs. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he realised he was in a cage, with the bull-headed creatures. They were already awake.

          "They must have hit you with a pretty big dose of sleeping stuff," they greeted him. "You were out for a few hours."

          Gawain nodded numbly, and looked around. He saw a water trough in one corner, and three lumps of meat in the other corner. He leapt on one gratefully, and tore the meat off the bone. He tossed the remaining two to the minotaurs, then cracked the bone open and sucked at the marrow. Then he curled up, and fell asleep.


          When he awoke, there was a man standing next to the cage, talking into a small mechanical device. Then he reached into the bag he was carrying, and threw three lumps of meat into a compartment, shut the door and then left, leaving the caged creatures to themselves. He leapt on the meat, and swallowed it whole. Then he moved on to the water trough. He sucked up half of it, then sat down, and cleaned his claws.

          Then he thought of something; dragons communicated over long distance by roaring, and making noises. He could do that, couldn't he? He could call for help!

          "Minotaurs! I could get us out of here!" he called to the prostrate figures in the shadows.

          "We're listening," they rasped, perking up.

          "We dragons communicate over long distances by roaring. So if I called for help, my brethren would come and help us," Gawain told them,his eyes glowing in the gloom.


          "That could work," they nodded. Gawain smiled, raised his head, and roared his loudest. It resounded through the small camp, and beyond. He hoped the dragons would hear it.

          Gawain remained at the camp for another day before anything happened. Blue flames lit up the camp, and a blue dragon dove into view.

          "Gwillan!" Gawain greeted him. The dragon acknowledged him, and dove down to him. Then he turned to a nearby man and roared at him. Though he didn't speak to him, his meaning was clear: free him, now! The man obeyed, stuffing a key into the lock. The door swung open, and Gawain and the minotaurs rushed out. Gawain and his friend incinerated some of the huts, then flew off into the horizon. The two minotaurs charged through the wooden huts, and ran towards their home. The humans were left babbling nonsense about seeing dragons and minotaurs. And the minotaurs and dragons were never seen again.

The End

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