The Hard Truth

I ran faster and faster with every step.I heard him calling my name behind me."Nessie,I'm sorry,you needed to know!"I finnally ran into my cottage-like house and slamed the door behind me.My back leaning on the door,I slipped until i was sitting on the ground.I reached up and locked the door.My mom came out of her room to see me there."Honey,are you okay?"She sat down next to me.I leaned my head on her shoulder and told her everything."Oh,Sweetie.I've known sincce you were born and trust me,I wasn't that thrilled about it either.But,Do you like him,Honestly?"I sighed."I think I do,I mean he's incredabily kind and sweet,and he's everything a girl could ask for in a guy,I could never imagine im In Love with me.I always thought he would be in love with some girl from the reservation."My mom laughed."He always comes off as that kind of guy,I know but he genuinly loves you Nessie,He really does."I smiled."Do you think we should let him in now?"My mom giggled."Let's give him a couple of minutes."He started pounding on the door."Nessie,I heard everything you said,now let me in!"I smirked."Sorry I can't hear you,What did you say?"We looked out the window and laughed.He didn't notice us."Nessie?Nes-"He saw us.We pulled back the curtians and opended the door."So...You heard all of that?"He nodded."Every word."I smiled."Well,I'll see you tomorrow."He gave me a puzzled look,then I pushed him out of the door,laughing."Goodniggghht."I closed then door and bit my bottom lip.I walked into my room thinking about everything.I knew what was going to happen,but I didn't want to admit it to myself Just Yet,Everything could fall apart,Crash and burn even,But I knew it was worth it...Maybe.

The End

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