Imprinted:A Jacob And Renesmee Love Story

Renesmee Cullen,A Half-Vampire,has always loved her Werewolf Best friend and Right Hand Man Jacob Black,But when she finds out that He loves her more than friends,She's more than thrilled.After they discover their true feelings for eachother,Unknown Vampires come to destroy Renesmee.See what happens when True Love concors all and Jacob goes to any length to save her and Everything Falls into Place...Finnally.

A Original Fan-Fiction By Danni ♥
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I've always pondered the thought of Love.

The lengths people go for it Is bittersweet.

Good for one person,bad for the other.

The thought of losing someone you love,

I couldn't even Imagine the Pain.

That's how I felt about it when me and my Best friend,Jacob Black,Talked about it 3 months ago.Let Me Tell you all about it...

"Ha-ha Jacob,Very Funny."I said after he told me about Snooki getting punched on Jersey Shore."He smiled."Yeah,That was pretty Funny.Anyways,I need to talk to you about somthing..."I shrugged."Shoot."I sat on a tree stump.He looked at me."What do you think about...Love?"I got a bit quiet."I've always pondered the thought of Love.The lengths people go for it Is bittersweet.Good for one person,bad for the other.The thought of losing someone you love,I couldn't even Imagine the Pain."He smirked."Well,that's deep.Well,I need to talk to you about it."I giggled."Talk to me,The 18 year-old looking,6 1/2 year old Half-vampire,About love?Very Funny Jake,Real Funny."He got serious."Seriously,Nessie,I need to talk to you about it."I shrugged."What about?"He stood up."Do you know what Imprinting Means?"I straightened up and got a curious look on my face."What does that mean,Jake?"He looked down."Well,When you look at them,It's like nothing else matters,that you'll go to the lengths of the earth for them."I smiled."That's soo sweet!Aww,Jacob's In Love!Spill,Now!"He looked at me and smiled."I'm in love with you Renesmee."My eyes widened."I got to go,I don't feel so good."I started running.I could hear the pitter-patter of his feet running behind me.I thought I was running away from my problems,but I wasn't.I was running away form my reality.

The End

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