It was as if the eye's of everyone were burning into me , even the teacher swung round in his squeaky swivel chair and looked at me through his ridiculously goofy looking reading glasses .My face grew hot as I manuvered myself into a seat at the back .

Jeez , That Was Embarassing .

Greatfully people here have an attention span of a goldfish , so within 10 seconds the normal groups had formed and now were cherrily chatting away about the lastest gossip , the next big boyband or the lastest big house party . Normal.Shallow.Babble.But strangely I wasnt jelaous of the popular kids , or the jock , the geeks , I've always liked the peace of quiet .

I slumped in my chair carelessly , letting out a long huff .

''Hey Jade,'' called a firey red head next to me .Her wide grin was warm and beautiful , she was my best friend.Her name was Alisa .I smiled weakly .                                                                            ''Hi Alisa.''                                                                                                      ''O-M-G!Did you hear about . . . '' I only reached there until all her words meshed together and sounded like blah blah blah .I peeled off my jacket and shoved it in my bag .I was trying and yank out a pen and my notebook out of my bag when it happened .

Everyone went dead silent .

It went so silent that even the squeak of the door hinge felt as loud as the chatter that was in full swing just afew seconds ago .Hot damn . . .

I guess I wasnt the last person to get to class .But I had never seen him before in my live .Must be the Newcomer to the class that the teacher mentioned .But Wow . . . He Was Perfect .Truly perfect ,just stamp angel on his forehead and be done with it .Sharp Jawline , his body covered with beautiful smooth pale skin , stunning intelligent green glowing eyes .

And God . . .That Body. That was  just on the top of a glittering cake .He was just the right height , around 5ft 11 , with his clothes clinging faintly to his body .But he was lean , yet muscular .Even i was jelaous and I'm a girl .

The teacher's deep stuttery voice the trance of awe that had come over all the girls in the class , probably every girl that had set eyes on him .He stood there in front of the class , clutching a book in his long fingered hands .''Ladies and Gentlemen , this is James Blackblade, Be Nice everyone.''

Hmmm . . Cool Name .

For some sane reason I think all the girls in the class will be more that nice to him .

The End

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