Thinking Straight

''Honey . Time to wake up!'' I heard my mum's shrill cheery voice call down the corridor to me .The light of the morning sun seemed blinding as it showered through the window blinds .The alarm was still blaring aloud on the bedside table . Wha?!?! It's half 7 arleady? I guess the alarm has been going for quite some time then .

I staggered out of bed and put on some dark blue faded jeans and a black band T-shirt .The jeans were wrinkled and oversized , but the shirt clung slightly to my waist.I kind of looked like a skater girl  . .boy even.Want a tragedy of a girl I have turned out to be .

I could hear something .A tiny whisper of voice at the corner of my mind . The Nightmares Are Getting Worse .

The grim thought showed across my face as i glanced in the mirror before I left my bedroom .I combed through my messy hair with my fingertips , trying it make it look resonably presentable.I could hear they 13 year old brother ( 3 year younger than me ) called Alex , yell and cuss at the flashing screen , the Playstation game .It was full of blood and explosions whizzing everywhere.  Seriously , I know I wasnt the most social person in the world . . but he looked like a flippen hermit compared to me .

The delicious smell of fresh fried eggs and toast wofted from the kitchen as i turned the corner .My mum's image came into view .Her blue eyes bright , black hair wavy on her shoulder's .My dad was sitting at the table .His navy eyes focused on the plate put in front of him , and his hair greying around the edges.

''Finally mafe it out of bed then Missy?'' he chirped up sarcastically .''Yeah . . Finally.''I murmured , still half asleep, grabbing a piece of buttered toast from Dad's cream plate .A melodramatic shocked expression appeared on his face , along with his girly gasp of 'terror' .I couldnt help but giglgle .Gotta love my family .

''I'm gonna walk today if you don't mind,'' i called to mum as i headed down the corridor leading to the front door .Made of cloudy glass and a thick wooden frame .I hastily put on a loose jacket and heaved my shoulder bag over my head .Doing one final check in the mirror , i walked out the door .

It was cold .Good.

An icy breeze on my face always helped mep think .Ipod in hands , headphones in ears , music booming and i was in my element as i made my way down a busy road .This is where i could be some heavy duty thinking and sorting out .The the tiny whisper piped up again in the corned of my mind .The nightmares were getting worse .Each time it feels even more realistic , and the creature gets closer .Every feeling , every sound , every struggle seemed pretty god damned real .And it scared me .

But , Pffttt . . What the hell am I thinking?Dreams can't be real , they just can't .Then they wouldnt really be called dreams . it would be kinda called a vision .And that sounded then more stupid , not to mention crazy .Espeically this one .I reckon I sent a good 10 mintues reasoning with myself about it .

The last stretch of pavement to the school door's was infront of me when the loud siren of a bell rang out for registration .Greatt.Just Freakin Perfect .

I teared down the street , my shoulder bag jumping to and fro at my side .The bell had stopped its deafening ring by the time I slammed my palm into the door of my tutor room .Last Person . . Nice .

The End

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