Impossible Truths

The Nightmares Were Getting So Vivid , They Were Almost Real .About Those Terrible Feral Eyes , And Glittering Teeth Tearing Flesh From Bone .But Then He Came Along , And He Made It All Make Sense . But Theres Something I Cant Place About Him , Something I Have Never Come Across Before .But I'm Sure I'll Find Out .


The eerie silence was eating away at me viciously as an eternity's worth of time seem to pass.The flickering cold light that hung from the low ceiling made the chill suspense tickle my skin . My heart was thundering away beneath my ribcage ,breathe desperately being sucked in between clenched teeth.Tears welled in my eyes , but I fought them back out of pride .I stuggled against the stail rope wrapped around my wrists .The tightly wound knot stratchs and tugged at the skin . The blood ran slowly down with fingers .Then finally dropping off in small drops . An odd clang echoed against the solid stone walls as it hit the solid stone floor.                         

I was strung up to a chair in the middle of the dense room of a reason , but i didnt know what that reason was .Why Me?!? But then i heard Something .An unearthly growl came from the corner of the room , which was cast over in darkness .It  made my blood ran cold in my veins as i held my breathe .I tried helplessly in edge back .

But all i could see was two glowing eyes in the shadows .They were fixated on me .And nothing else .The creature slowly glided forward , graceful yet deadly .It came into what little light there was , to reveal its full set of serated teeth .Perfect for tearing flesh effortlesly of limbs .The rest of it was cloaked by a black robe .It growled deep in it's throat , as if hungry . As for the rest of the creatures face ,it was strangely  . . .human .Intricate patterns smothered its face , concrete and ancient .A warning .

I clasped at the chair with a death grip , and fear was washing over me in waves, making me lightheaded , my vision spiraling.''What do you want with me?'' i whispered under me breathe , the words shuddering as they rolled off my tongue .A evil smile appeared on the creature face , which made it even more horrofing .It snarled one final time and took off at a dead run towards me .The blinding speed left me nearly breatheless.But what little air I had left in my lungs ,I screamed with .The earspliting cry echoed off the walls.It was like the god damned round was sound proof .The cry for help was not heard .

Jeez,this is really it.I tightly closed my eyes , the screaming finally subsided .My throat raw with pain . I braced myself for awhole lot of pain in the seconds .But it never came .The whole scene faded into the darkness and the sound of my blaring alarm ringing in my ears . I ginerly opened my eyes and squinted as the light hit my face . I wiped the beads of sweat from my brow with the back of my hand . I sigh of stupid relief came out of my mouth .

 I should've known .It was only a dream .

The End

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