Chapter 8

I drove about an hour back home, and had a shower. I then rang Yosef and said to him, “Hello, Yosef?”
“Yes hello Rachel, What can I do for you so late in the morning?”
“I was thinking about having a picnic at First Beach, La Push, and I was wondering if you were interested in the idea about coming with me?”
“I would love to come, what time are we leaving?”
“I am packing for the picnic now, why don’t you look for your bathing suit and ill pick you up around twelve thirty. That gives you about fifteen minutes to get ready, and I’ll stop at the supermarket to get something nice for lunch. How does that sound?”
“Sure, I’ll see you in about fifteen minutes then. Bye”
“Bye” I responded

I then went to pack up, and get everything ready. I got my handbag and made sure my purse and my keys were in it, and I got my stuff, put it in the car, and locked up the house. I got into the car, and went to pick up Yosef wondering if he would consider things like I would. I then went to the supermarket, and we both went in. We decided to get Ham, Buns, Cheese slices, butter slices, soft drink and a few cups. So we were on the road by one and got to La Push by about one thirty parked the car and got our stuff, walked onto the sand and went and enjoyed our picnic.
He commented, “So Rachel, Tell me, what was your intention on coming here today? Were you thinking about another date or were you just enjoying the day so much you were wondering if I could ruin it for you?”
That took me by surprise, I never contemplated that this would even count as a date. “I was enjoying the day, after my meeting with Sara and I thought I might go to the beach to chillax. I also thought that you might enjoy it as well. I guess we could call it a date if you want, but I don’t actually think that applies as I only give you fifteen minutes warning. How does that sound?”
He smiled and said, “I hope you know that you can ask me to go anywhere at any time as long as I am not working. As for the date, that makes three now. Doesn’t it?”
“Yeah I know that now and yeah I suppose that does make out third date. Time to get changed don’t you think?”

I went to get changed into my bathing suit and went to the car.  Yosef turn up less than a minute after I did, I was expecting him to be first. We went into the ocean and had a bit of a swim, and we were happy for a while. Then after about four hours, we decided it would be about time for us to go home. It was the same time that I realized something important that I should have realized before. It was subtle but obviously true. We both looked forward to getting changed and going to have something for dinner. So we got changed into our clothes and headed off, back to Forks.

We got back to Forks, and Yosef invited me into his house so he could get changed so we could go out for dinner. He quickly got changed into what almost looked like a tuxedo, but not quite. He was elaborately dressed which made me feel underdressed. My mouth fell open as I noted what he wore and I had to find my mouth and remember how to close it. So we got into my car, struggling to keep my eyes on the road, and headed to my house so that I could get changed into something more appropriate. I walked in, made Yosef a coffee and went upstairs for a shower. I then got dressed in my most elaborate outfit, and carefully walked downstairs. He looked at me like he was first seeing me again, and I was touched. I wore a light blue dress which had a frilly lacy hem around the neck and arms, I found one of mums’ necklaces which I also put on and a white throw over to cover the short sleeves. It almost looked like a wedding garment that I wore.

When he saw me, his mouth dropped open and it looked like he was trying to remember how to close it. Mind you, I was the same for me when he came down after her got changed. He said, “Oh my Rachel. You look gorgeous I can’t believe that you would dress up so much just for me. It looks like you are about to get married, you are so… breathtakingly beautiful.”
“Wgy thank you very much, Yosef.  I dressed up because you dressed up, you look handsome by the way. You look great in your outfit."

"Why thank you very much, Rachel.  Should we go?  or are you wanting to do other things before we go?"  He asked.

I replied, "I think that we should head out to do this, then we can come back for a drink.  If that is ok to you, Yosef?"  He laughed and said, "Ok, your the boss, Miss McIsaac.  After you?"

The End

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