Port Angeles


Chapter 6
Port Angeles

The next day, I went to the College reception “Hello, My name is Rachel McIsaac, and I have just moved to Port Angeles from Forks as my Mother just died. I have been at the Forks Community College, studying Computer Manufacturing and programming. I was wondering if you had the same classes that they hosted in Forks.”

The receptionist frowned and replied to me, “I am sorry, but we do not host these papers. You could always travel to Forks to complete your papers, or Seattle.”

I replied, “That is over two hours drive to Seattle, I can’t travel that far for my classes. That is just ridiculous. Are there any other options available to me for these subjects?”

She frowned and said, “No sorry, I do not believe so. You could always move back to Forks if you really want to study these subjects.”

I just rolled my eyes and said, “If I could remain in Forks and complete my studies don’t you think that that is exactly what I would have done?”

I walked out frustrated. Thinking there must be a better way. Sighing, I wondered what I could do. I can’t go back to Forks where the papers I want are, I can’t go to High school what else can I do? I decided to go home to talk to Amiel for her advice, so I went to see Amiel. Amiel thought before saying “I suggest that we go see Sara. What do you think about that, Rachel?” I thought about that before saying, “I don’t think so just yet, I mean they have both been a lot of help, but I think that this is a situation where I need to think about alone, I don’t even know why I came here about that one. Hang on… Does the College here have management papers? I just remembered that I own a couple of supermarkets.”

So I went to the college to check out other courses and found one that might help me with the supermarkets. I still can’t believe I forgot that one. An administrator came to me and noticed who I was and sighed. “Can I help you with anything else Miss McIsaac?”

I responded “I require some type of management study, I saw this course on advanced management, and I was wondering if I could enroll on it. Could you please let me know what is included in it? Does it match the needs I require for supermarket management?”

The administrator rolled her eyes again, and said, “I have no idea. It depends on the management area you require experience in.” So I decided to try it, so I enrolled in the paper that would take about one year and promptly went to the bank for a bank card for my new accounts I could access.

I walked into the bank with my Birth Certificate, grateful I remembered to pick it up, and said to the administrator “Hello I am Rachel McIsaac and I need some assistance I am sure you can help me. My mother recently died and I have inherited a few Supermarkets. Could you please inform me as to insurance required and a bank card for my accounts please?”

The administrator asked” do you have a birth certificate?” So I gave it to her at which time she used her computer to check her up in the system. Then she said, “Well Miss McIsaac, I see here that you have a few accounts each with fifteen million each, so how would you like to do this?”

I thought about that and I assumed that it was the three accounts from the will. So she asked “are the accounts from the will?” The Administrator looked on the computer and said “I do not believe so most of these accounts are about ten years old.” I asked “Interesting. Would it be easier to have all the money into the one account? Or would you recommend having separate accounts?”

She smiled and said “most of the funds in the accounts are at the maximum of what they can hold. What I will do though, is ensure they are all under the same base number and linked to the one card.” I smiled and said “thank you for that and I also thank you for your assistance into this matter.” The administrator did as she said and got a debit card and handed it to me. I put on a pin and walked home.

So when I walked inside Amiel and I spent about one hour discussing the idea of management classes to enable me to get the skills I would required for the jobs that I have.

I got Amiel to perform a few odd jobs for me as my agent, and I got her to open a bank account for each supermarket, and take the account number to the supermarket manager, with the official notification of change of ownership. She was my agent so she freely did as I asked her to. I also decided that she would receive a salary for the work she put into it. I decided that about fifty two thousand per year would suite.

I started the management papers and was a huge success with the classes.

One month later, I decided to sit my license, which I passed with flying colours and went to see how much money was in the accounts and I was mildly surprised to see how much was there. There was about one point five million per account. I went home and continued studying my management papers making a cameo at my supermarkets while doing so.

Six months through my papers, I decided it was time to sit my License here in Port Angeles. So I headed to my Doctor and said “Hello, Doc, I have come to get clearance for my license and to commence having relationships please”
The Doctor looked up my file and said “Ok Rachel, Before I give you your clearance, I need to do a few exams on you if you do not mind.”
“Sure” I commented.
“Ok” he said, “I’ll just go and get a nurse, as there are a few tests that I need the nurse to perform as well.”
With that, he walked out the door and returned in about half a minute with a thin lady. About five foot even, and had very black hair. “Rachel, this is Nurse Joanne O’Conner. She will ensure the ‘female parts’ are working so that we can give you clearance for relationships, but first, I need to do a full physical. So she will also remain here as it is company policy, as well as the law.”

He commenced the full physical starting with my eyes, and peripheral vision. Then went onto the other tests he needed to do. “Ok Rachel that is the physical complete, now I’ll leave you with the nurse to perform the other tests. Ok?”
“Ok” I answered.
With that, he closed the curtain, and walked out of the door, half a minute, in came another nurse. Nurse O’Conner said, “Rachel, This is Nurse Paula Adamson, she is here to assist me if that is ok.”
“Sure” I said.
Nurse Adamson was a nice tall nurse, about six foot. I was secretly wondering if she used to be a guy. She did her best to assist Nurse O’Conner who was looking at the more sexual aspects, to ensure everything works well and was effective.
“Thank you Rachel, the doctor will be back in here within five minutes, please get dressed again” Nurse O’Conner said, and walked out. The doctor came back in just as I put on my jacket and said “Ok Rachel, I am going to give you clearance for your license and for relationships but I will only give you one medical certificate for your license. Is that ok?”
I smiled and said, “Thanks Doc. I also want to return to Forks soon.”
He smiled and gave me the medical certificate. As I left, I went to the nearest DMV agent and sat for my license, which I passed first shot as I was expecting. In the minimum time, I sat the next step, which I passed again. In six months, I had my full license which was an enhanced Drivers License, and completed my management papers.


The End

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