Chapter 5

My regular trip for the next month was, Port Angeles to Forks and return. We went to visit the lawyers of my mum’s estate; all her bills were all sent to the lawyer. All up, she only owed about fifteen thousand, which was less than I had expected. That was for things like Power, Gas, Phone, Rates all paid up for 10 years, etc.

I was surprised because mum had about six million for that. So we splashed out for her funeral, spending one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, once again I was impressed about how thorough everything fell into place.

Then we went to the will reading to listen to what mum wanted and we were once again surprised by the result.

The follow people arrived for the reading of the will, Bill and Sara Booth, The Lawyer, Jean and Amiel my foster parents, Yosef and Ezra, for support, Anna’s Grandmother Hannah and myself.

The lawyer got up and said “is everyone present for the reading of the will? Shall we begin then? Anna had a lot of finances as you would no doubt be aware, in this will there is about eighty seven million accounted for.

“All House’s go to her daughter, Rachel. There are a total of six. One in Forks, One in Port Angeles, One in Australia, two in New Zealand, and one in Washington DC.

“Shares: We have about fifty Million in shares all up, which all to Rachel. The shares are for various companies listed of this sheet which I will give Rachel. She has assets to the value of ten million including but not limited to 3 supermarkets, one in Forks, one in Port Angeles and one in Aberdeen. More about that on the assets list, which Rachel will receive before she goes home today.

“To Hannah, Anna’s’ Grandmother, Anna gives an extra fifteen million in cash and suggests that she goes and visits her extended family.

“Also there is six million for expenditures and funeral costs. From the six million about two hundred thousand goes to pay for bills and funeral expenses and the other five point eight million to be divided amongst three companies. The Salvation Army gets Two Million, The RSPCA gets Two Million and the Forks Expansion Committee get one point eight million.

All together totaling eighty seven million included in this will. Also I believe there is an undisclosed amount given to Rachel for general Expenditure. All shares and bonds etc protected until Rachel achieves twenty one years of age, however there are three bank accounts totaling up to forty five million which Rachel has access to right away. That is all for the reading of the will today.”

As we walked out of the office Hannah came up to me and said, “Hello Rachel. My name is Hannah I am your great grandmother. This is the first time I have met you that you can probably remember but I met you once before.” I asked “why have you not come to introduce yourself since then?”

Hannah explained “your mother lost contact with me and I only found out when the paper advertised her death. I am glad that we have a chance to meet and look forward to our future.” She left then and said as she walked away, “I’ll talk to you later, Ok Rachel?” “Ok” I replied.

When everyone left me, I looked at the asset list which read as follows.

Anna has assets to the value of twenty million including but not limited to the following:

A luxury boat to the value of one million

A BMW Car to the value of five hundred thousand

A Rolls Royce to the value of five hundred thousand

3 supermarkets to the value of eighteen million

1 in Forks to the value of five million

1 in Port Angeles to the value of eight million

1 in Aberdeen to the value of five million


All to go to Rachel in the event of Anna’s Death


After I had completed reading the document, I was in shock until I took it in. Then we went to the funeral.

At the funeral we had a great service. My mother’s internment was at the Forks cemetery where she was buried next to her husband, Joseph McIsaac.


The End

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