Unexpected family


Chapter 4
Unexpected family

Bill explained “In our corps in Port Angeles there is a couple that can’t have children, they are lovely people and are related to the Levis here in Forks. Their names are Jean and Amiel Blanc. Jean is from France and Amiel’s maiden name was Levi. They live near the main shopping center and conveniently live near the beach.”

I thought about that and decided since I had to go somewhere; I might as well be near family of my friends. At the moment that I was going to answer, Sara bet me to the punch, and said “we can’t adopt you because as you know, we move around every five years or so and it is an unwise choice for us to legally adopt anyone.”

I quickly chirped up, to beat any of the others so I could respond, and asked “How often do they visit Forks?” Yosef’s mother, Ezra, chirped up in English this time, surprising me and replied “I see my sister roughly every two months. I visit one month, they visit the next month. I believe it is our time this month.”

I smiled but was also confused so I commented “One of the other places I feel like I need to go is to the local Indian reservation that I have heard so much about.”
Then I looked at Ezra and said, “I didn’t know that you spoke English. You always speak in Hebrew when you talk to me.”

Ezra laughed and said “I only speak when I need to. Other than that, I speak in Hebrew. But Rachel, in my opinion, I think it would be wise for you to go to Port Angeles as we both visit each other often. How does that sound?” I looked at Yosef and he smiled shyly.

“Anyway…” Bill said, interrupting my line of thought, “what do you say, Rachel? Are you prepared to move into Port Angeles and live with Jean and Amiel?” I ruffled my brow and said to him, “Yeah I suppose I could always visit the Indian Reservation when we come down. I also intend to sit my license soon as well. What is the name of the reservation again? La Push is it? I heard there is a beautiful beach there.”

It was Yosef that responded. “Yeah, First Beach at La Push. I like the stones there and the driftwood fires that sometimes people light down there. Did you know that the stones are colored there? I know that Port Angeles has a better swimming beach, but still. First Beach is a surfing beach. Not that I surf anyway.”

I shook my head in response to his question, and said, “I have never been there before”

Then I spoke to Bill. “I would love to live in Port Angeles and attend the Salvation Army there. How is Jean spelt? Is it John, Jon or Jean?” Bill responded and said “Jean. It is French. It means John, but is spelt with an E and an A.” I thought about that and decided to be careful when I spelt and pronounced his name.

“Ok then, when do I move into Port Angeles?” Bill thought again, and said “excuse me for a minute, I need to contact Jean. See what he says about when.” At that moment, he dug into his pocket and pulled out his I-Pod phone, turned around and went outside while dialing the number.

Sara said “we are just getting a time for the drive out there. When is your Birthday, Rachel?”
That is a question she had never asked before so I was grateful that I found my Birth Certificate earlier in the evening

As it was March the thirty first today, that meant I was 18 tomorrow so I said “It is my Birthday tomorrow. I was born April fool’s day in 1992.” Another thing that I would need to remember, how many more could there be?

There was a lot that I had to remember, but I was expecting that after accepting that I am now Rachel and not Alan, and that I can’t go back to being Alan. Bill then said as he walked back in the room, “Ok… That’s right, Jean. Ok then, I’ll explain that to Rachel. Thanks, I will see you both in about two hours then. Bye.”
And he hung up the phone and said. “Right, Rachel. As you could hear, I just finished on the phone with Jean and they will be here in about two hours.

“However, this house will remain your property and I would recommend that you hang on to it. You never know, you might need to move back here soon. Would you like to rent it out or would you like to leave it here and just get someone to keep the section up to date?”

I frowned as I thought about that for a while and said “I think that I will just get someone to clean up the section and keep it cozy for me to return, I think that would be best at this moment of time. I might also get someone to clean the inside professionally as well.”

With that the Paramedics arrived, went to Anna’s body, and took her away to the morgue. That is when the police left leaving just Yosef, Ezra, me and the lieutenants.

I went up to my room and got some of my stuff ready to move to Port Angeles, cleared out the fridge and freezer and gave the stuff to Ezra’s family. I left most rooms as they were. I cleaned the Bathroom, the kitchen and the toilets, basically everything that had water and turned off the water main at the street. Flushed the toilet for a last time, turned off the power mains and grabbed all the keys and waited for Jean and Amiel.

I also made sure all my clothes were packed securely, covered all the furniture and made the house look like a haunted house, not forgetting to clean out the fridge and freezer to prevent smell.

At that moment, there was a horn from the roadside, so I grabbed all my stuff, and went out to the car. As I got in, I looked at my house for the last time for a few years, wrote the address on the keys and decided to get a safe to put the keys away for a few years.

I waved at Yosef and Ezra and said to Bill and Sara, “I’ll see you both later Bill and Sara. Thanks for everything that you have done for me.” Bill and Sara smiled and said, “We will see you tomorrow, Rachel.” As we left the street and Forks in general, I felt a lone tear drop down my cheek onto my blouse.

As we entered Port Angeles I was unsure what to expect. When we pulled up at the house which was on the Corner of Tumwater and W 3rd St, I saw a few businesses I thought I might apply for a job at. We got to the house late, about eleven at night and I went into her room, not seeing much and just crashed on the bed without having a chance to get into my bed clothes and was asleep in seconds


The next day I woke up in a strange place, and I could see that I was going to have an interesting birthday. I could barely remember what happened last night and when everything hit, it hit with vengeance. I spent the next hour in tears, and decided to have a shower to refresh myself. It was my first birthday as Rachel but I did not know what was going to happen. I was surprised when Bill, Sara, Yosef and Ezra visited at eleven thirty that morning and escorted me to the Salvation Army hall for a surprise party, which was a huge success.


We had an interesting dinner that night and I was over indulged with gifts. I got everything from a basic card from my mother, which pulled out a few more tears, which I was surprised at since I barely knew her. I also got a car, a computer, a notebook, and a cheque for fifteen hundred dollars, not that I needed any of it, but it was a nice thought.


The End

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