Situations get more intense


Chapter 3
Situations get more intense

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, so I went to get it, and I saw through the peep hole a badge. So I opened the door, and said, “Can I help you?”

There were two men and four uniformed police officers. One man said “My name is Detective Jacobs NZPD CIB. This is Detective Black, INTERPOL, and these officers are, Sergeant Millar, Constables Peters and Jacobs and Chief Patterson. We are looking for Mrs. Anna McIsaac please.”

Sergeant Miller and Constable Jacobs were both Ladies.  I responded “one moment please” and went to find her.

To my dismay, my mother was in the bath, holding a hairdryer, the hairdryer was on and she was about to drop it into the bath, but I knew that I would not stop her in time, so I called for help. Constable Jacobs, the lady, came in and attempted to stop her, unsuccessfully. I promptly ran out of the room, in tears.

My 17 year old hormones were coming in quite nicely. Next thing I knew, I was ushered down the stairs by my new friends Mother who said something in Hebrew which I did not understand, but fortunately Yosef was there, so he translated. “What she asked is ‘are you alright’ so I’ll ask again, are you ok?” I sat down put her head between my legs and cried. When I could talk, I explained everything to the Police while Yosef and his mother were in the room.

There was another knock on the door and I heard someone introduced themselves as Lieutenants Bill and Sara Booth from the Salvation Army in Port Angeles. Constable Jacobs came to me and asked if I was expecting them, and I sobbed “yes, please send them in.” In they came and introduced themselves again, this time to me and everyone in the room. I looked at them and I stood up shakily and went to Lieutenant Sara Booth, and burst out in tears again.

Yosef made a cup of hot chocolate for me and it was delicious. I was enjoying it as I explained everything to the police, Yosef and the Lieutenants. For what seemed like the hundredth time.


Sara said “I could find someone in the area to assist in looking after you, if you would like.” I went up to my room with Sara and jumped on my computer. There beside the computer was a new bank-account detail’s, so I logged in, checked the account and promptly fell off my chair. There in my account, and I knew it was my account as it had my name on it, was fifteen million dollars, ready and waiting for me.

Sara came over to me concerned, and asked “what was wrong, why did you fall off your seat?” In response, I pointed to the screen. Sara disappointed me as she looked at it because I was expecting another response other than acceptance, and then Sara looked at me.

Sara said, “I see. Did you not know about this money then?” I shook my head slowly. “Well then, Rachel, perhaps it is time you and I had a little chat.

“Yesterday your mother came to us and was concerned about you, so she told us everything. We just sat there and listened, and then said that she would need to apologize to you about everything she had done to you and to ask for forgiveness from you and God. She said that she would also give you eighty percent of her money before she died. I said that was her choice, but not to rush into anything or be too hasty.”

I said quietly, “she came to me when I showed her my GED about a month ago; she apologized for everything that had happened while I was Alan and Rachel. I said, Mum I am so sorry about the way I have treated you in the recent past. I can’t honestly say I love you, but I can say I forgive you and love you in Christ, and then I hugged her.

“Her killing herself was the last thing I expected her to do because I forgave her for everything. Was she asking for forgiveness before dying? I do know that we both helped each other that night, and we prayed together.”

Sara looked at me frowning, sighed and said “perhaps. I am not sure about her intentions but perhaps.”
As we walked out of my room, I saw my Birth Certificate and my Date of Birth was listed as 01 April 1992 and I went downstairs. The officers stopped talking at that moment which made me think they were talking about me. All I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep.


Bill Booth then said, “Oh by the way Rachel, we have someone prepared to assist you and look after you for the next year if that is ok with you. It is just that you had a lot happen in a very short period of time and I thought that would be best. It is only until you can get your feet back on the ground again.”

I frowned and said “I think that might be a good idea. Like you said, a lot has happened in the past six months.”
He commented, “Ok then Ill contact them and see if they are willing to continue as the situation which has become much more urgent, hasn’t it?”

I responded, “Yes, but who is supposed to help me get my feet on the ground though?”
Bill and Sara looked at each other for a while. Everyone remained quiet waiting for their response.


The End

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