First week in Forks


Chapter 2
First week in Forks


Captain John said, “There is a corps near Forks. It is in a place named Port Angeles under the command of Lieutenants Bill and Sara Booth. I will inform them of your situation and will see what they can do for you. But we have a problem. You are in the body of a 17 year old Girl, and not many people will believe your story without evidence.”
“Do you two though?” I asked.
“I do not know just yet. What you have said to us and what your mother and the Doctor have explained all match up, but you need to accept that this is an interesting situation.”
They looked at each other before saying “Yes, Rachel… Alan… whoever you want to be known as. We do believe you.”
I was relieved; finally someone finally believed me, although I was hoping they were not playing along. So I smiled and, pretending that my worries were not there, I said “Thank you very much, it is a blessing that you will assist me.”

Two weeks later we were at home in Forks, after being discharged from Seattle hospital, after just two and a half weeks and another two weeks in Forks hospital, we were watching the news, and in the international section there was a screening of a recent Murder. “And last on tonight before the weather, Police in New Zealand are currently looking for an unknown person or persons responsible for the blatant uncalled for murder of thirty five year old Alan Peters. He has had a recent operation on his brain, which caused his death. Detective Jacobs, New Plymouth CIB, said “We believe that the people responsible for this heinous crime might have left the area, so if you have any information please contact your local Law Enforcement Office.”

The reporter continued, “I would encourage anyone who knows anything about this heinous crime to contact their nearest police station, as they have called for international assistance. Now to the weather…”


Anna flicked off the TV and sat down to explained “I am going to tell you about my past so that you know why I did what I did. About twenty years ago, Rachel’s father Joseph and I got married. He was a lovely man and I would do anything for him. He was also extremely rich and left a couple of things to me and Rachel in his will. Together he and I had about fifty million dollars, and Rachel had about 25 million in separate bank accounts, which is bound to have increased by now.

“About nineteen years ago I got pregnant, and lost the baby. That happened six times and when, seventeen and a half years ago I got pregnant again, I vowed that this child would out live me. The baby came to full term and I had a Girl. We named her Rachel.

“The year before last, Joseph passed away, and it broke my heart, actually it almost killed me. I was afraid, when they said that Rachel had a Brain Tumor it was clear to me that my vow would come to nothing.

“That was when I heard about that surgeon in New Zealand who would perform a Brain Transplant, Doctor Brian Adams. So Rachel and I talked it through and both decided to go to New Zealand and get the Brain Transplant. She accepted she would die, but did not want my heart broken again.

“That is why I had to get someone who was caring enough to talk to me and get the person that my Rachel would approve of… you. Before the operation, my Rachel came in and met you.

“We got the doctor to mostly wake you up so that Rachel could find out what kind of a person you were. That is when she agreed to the operation with you as the donor, because she thought you would never hurt me the way others would have.”

I went to bed and thought about the news bulletin, and all the information that Anna told me.


I woke up in the morning and there was another item about it again, but this time in the Newspaper. I quickly scoffed down my breakfast and went to my appointment alone with the doctor so I could get clearance to go to school. Once there, I asked the doctor,

“So Doc do you think that I will get clearance to go to school? And what are we going to do since the New Zealand Police have reached out for international assistance about the ‘Alan Peters’ issue?”

He thought about it before commenting, “You have clearance for school, here is the clearance notice, but remain away from boys until you get a relationship clearance. About the ‘Alan Peters’ situation, there is not a lot that anyone can do; it was not an official operation therefore the Police will not be able to do anything. Just before you go though, one last reminder, Do NOT get into any relationships until you have clearance. Do you understand? You have been through a major operation and that will take time to get used to. I mean, think about it. You have just spent 35 years as a guy, and now you are a girl. It will take some time before anything near normal for girls can commence. You have been looking for Girls, now you need to look for guys. I was actually hoping for a slightly younger female and a younger guy so that he could develop as a female before everything happened, but… Anywho, I guess that that is all for today, and I’ll see you later, Rachel.”

“ok” I replied, then I walked out realizing that he was making excuses for me to not go to the police and expose him, so I visited the Police station and explained everything I knew to them. They were shocked. They could not believe what I explained to them, but they knew it was an illegal operation. They also knew my brain was in the body of a 17 year old girl, and apparently I could live alone if I so wished. So they said “Ok miss, you have a choice to make then. You could get us to charge Anna, your mother, for kidnapping, performing an operation without informing you not forgetting murder and euthanasia, or at your request, we could leave her alone for now, inform the New Zealand Police as to the situation and get them to deal with it at their convenience. It is your call, Rachel.”
I thought about that for a while before deciding on the latter choice, knowing that chances are I would end up with a new family, or on my own, eventually.


So I walked home to my three story house, of which my room was on the third story, and handed the clearance to Anna, my mother. I thought that was another thing she would have to get used to. I went to my bedroom fairly early that night as it was my first day at a new school tomorrow and it has been like twenty years since I was at school like that. I was used to University and Tech, but not high school.


I was secretly glad that it was a new school so that the other kids would not have any pre-conceived ideas about who I was and what I was like. As I walked into my bedroom, I still could not get used to my room.

The walls were an absurdly pink color, another thing that I would have to get used to as well, pink I hated pink, there was a very bold window overlooking the forest. I had white net curtains and bright yellow thermal curtains. On my writing desk which was in the corner of my room, there was an Apple I-Mac Pro computer and my notebook. It looked like Anna, my mother, was trying to buy my silence.

I awoke the next morning to a dull, cloudy, restless day and went down the stairs for my breakfast. I was still unsure as to what to expect for breakfast or more importantly, school not just as a girl, but also in Forks, as schooling in New Zealand like I was used to about twenty years ago, would surely be a lot different from here, now.

When I had finished my breakfast, I left for school expecting the worst. I went straight to the office and said, “Hello, my name is Rachel McIsaac, and I am supposed to be starting here, today.” The office lady looked up knowledgably and smiled a friendly smile before saying, “Hello dear, my name is Ms. Cooper, Welcome to Forks High...” She was Shuffling through papers at the same time as talking to me. “Here are your classes and your map of the school. I am sure that you will have a great time here and will learn lots. Please get your teachers to sign the slip for the first week and return it to the office each day after class. Have a great week and see you at the end of classes.”

I smiled at Ms. Cooper and walked out, right into the arms of a teacher, humbly apologizing as I left him scowling after me. As the bell went, I walked into my first class, and handed the slip to the teacher, and it was the same teacher I had just walked into.

I went bright red as I blushed for my earlier accident, but he smiled politely at me. I knew that meant trouble. But he was a great, kind man. His name was Mr. Baker. He took Science, and today we had a test.

I was so humiliated, that when the papers were handed out, I almost wrote Alan Peters on them but stopped myself first and wrote Rachel McIsaac instead. At the end of class he pulled me aside to talk to me alone. Great I thought day one and already I was singled out.

He smiled at me and politely said to me, “As you are new to this class I will explain what we do here in tests. Here in my class, when you have a test, the test is for the full time of the class, not one hour, but about ninety minutes. When you complete a test, you sit down and go over the test to get any areas that you missed. Ok?” I looked abashed, and said “Yes sir. What do we do if we are sure that we have answered all questions to the best of our knowledge though?”

He was quiet for a minute as it was his turn to think. “You sit and read quietly.” “Which is what I did, sir” I replied. He said, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll mark it for you.” I sat down as he marked my test.

About five minutes later, he came to me and was frowning. “Rachel, how did you know these answers? Most of these are from the General Educational Development test, G.E.D. Based on these results, you would have passed your G.E.D here in Science.”

I thought thoroughly before I answered his question. ”I did a lot of study while I was in Hospital, sir.”

He laughed but thought and asked “how would you like to sit your G.E.D’s? We can see what is required for you to study to pass it.” I thought about that before responding, “Sure, I could always attempt my G.E.D. It would give me an idea on the areas I require to swat up.”

So he said “ok, come and see me tomorrow, and we will see what we can organize.”

Next I went into mathematics and had another test. “Talk about the most rotten of luck, the first day of school and I have another test.”

I commented. This time I did as Mr. Baker said to do. I completed the test in one hour, and checked the answers for the last half hour. It was the same for her other subjects as well.

In all I had five tests today, Science, Maths, English, Social Studies, Writing. Each of my teachers were agreed to me attempting my G.E.D’s and told me to go and see Mr. Baker in the morning.

I took my slip to Ms. Cooper as required. She asked, “How did your day go?”

I sighed at her and said, “Of all the rotten luck, I had five tests in my first day”.

She smiled and said, “It looks like they were all impressed with your test results, as they have all submitted you for your G.E.D’s exam.” I sighed again and went home.

My mother saw me coming home and saw the look on my face. “How was your first day sweetie” she asked. I rolled my eyes and answered “It was bad enough when I accidently walked into my teacher this morning from the office, but then I had five tests, and they have all submitted me for my G.E.D’s. Can you imagine it? Day one, five classes, five recommendations for my G.E.D’s and five jolly tests! What a day!” She looked at me and sighed.

“Perhaps I was wrong choosing Alan’s brain it appears that you are just too visible.” I frowned and mumbled “that was your choice but perhaps you should have thought what the results the operation would have been before you went ahead with it? What is for dinner?” She sighed, and said, “I don’t know. You do something.”

So I said, “Fine am I cooking for you as well?” “Might as well” she muttered. So I looked in the fridge. And found all the ingredients for Country Fried Chicken, so I did Country Fried Chicken, Rice and an Au Jus sauce. I served it on two plates and enjoyed my meal. After dinner I did the washing up, then went to my room, showered, washed my hair and got ready for bed.

That night, I did more study for my G.E.D test tomorrow and was relieved that the subjects were the same as today, but in a different order. The order tomorrow was Writing, Science, Maths, Social Studies and English which meant I had Mr. Baker second period tomorrow. She sighed and studied. And studied and sighed.

When I went and made myself a hot chocolate I made mum a coffee as well, as I needed to relax and shake the nerves. I fell asleep early for me, about half past nine that night and, sleeping restlessly I woke up about five in the morning. I went and got my breakfast, and did more study. When I got to school I went into the office again and saw Ms. Cooper and Mr. Baker. They both looked up and smiled, not sure why.

Mr. Baker came to me and handed a piece of paper to me. “This is your test results from your tests yesterday and when we showed them to Mrs. Josephine, the principal, she took a copy and faxed it to the Board of Education. They looked at them and faxed a copy of this, while sending the original to your house address through the post, and told us to let you know that you have officially graduated high school with a G.E D.”
I looked at it and was shocked at what it said.

It was a, ‘State of Washington, High School Equivalency Diploma, certifying Rachel McIsaac. It was signed by the Director of the Department of Education, dated February 2010.’ I took it home to my mum and Anna was shell shocked.

At that precise moment, she said to me, “Rachel, I want to say something to you, but I might fumble it a bit, so I want to ask for a bit of patience from you please.”
I rolled my eyes and said, “Ok, I’ll wait for you to finish what you want to say.”
She smiled and said to me, “First I want to ask your forgiveness for what I did to you when you were Alan. I wanted to save my daughter’s life, and I did not think of what it would mean to yours. I saw you as a nice guy and I thought you would be happy to help. I am sorry.

“Second, I did not think what you would be losing if you became Rachel. I am sorry about that as well. And thirdly, I want to offer you everything I have as you are now my daughter.”
I was dumbfounded. So I smiled at my mother, and said, “Mum I am so sorry about the way I have treated you in the recent past. I can’t honestly say I love you, but I can say I forgive you and love you in Christ.”

And I went to hug her. Anna said “you have now graduated from high school and do not need to go back, BUT I would recommend you continue your education by going to college. There is one near here.”

She smiled at me and said “will you do me something, Rachel?”
I responded “Anything”
“will you help me to pray, for us?”
Sure, so we prayed. I no longer had to go to school, so I went to the nearest college.


I was surprised to see a guy there who looked quite cute and he was doing the same subjects as I was, so I asked him if we could study together. He smiled and agreed. We started to hang around together to get used to the area. Fortunately, it was only around the corner from my house. His name was Yosef Levi, a very Hebrew family I assumed, but a great guy, with a great personality.

He has a very olive complexion and seemed extremely talented to me. We started talking together, and soon I was friends with him. Against all advice I had been given, I was feeling myself getting closer than I had anticipated. But we decided to remain friends for now.

At the end of the day, about two weeks after the visit to the Police Station, I was home doing homework, jotting down some ideas for a new computer that I wanted to make in one of my labs in college for a subject that I was taking, and planning a program I was thinking about writing in another one.


The End

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