Impossibilities Abound

a 35 year old male about to get his dreams come true until... he meets a woman who has another idea. he then has to get used to his new life and start again



This short story is Thriller based on Fact.


Please note, that this story, even though it uses real place names and areas within that place, is totally incidental and is not a true account of anything that has occurred.

Any similarities of any characters to any other person(s) are purely coincidental and in no way is intended to be accurate for any purpose what-so-ever.


It was my last day as a computer designer. After my morning of soldering chips onto the main-boards for major Computer companies, I went to lunch fully intending to enjoy talking to my mates that I’d had for about six years. It was just on mid-day and on the radio the news bulletin just started.

“On the top of the hour, for twelve o’clock, Surgeon Brian Adams announced a shocking experiment. In a global first where he is preparing to perform a brain transplant and, with his special product, he intends to totally abolish the need of an anti-rejection drug. Someone has already approached him for the first human trials. Tests continue even though he has acceptance for Human Trials.

“He also says that the age and gender of the ‘test patients’ does not have to match. Personally I, for one, hope this succeeds as it will totally reverse the issue of Inoperable Brain problems.

“Next, we look into a bird that their owners have claimed have flown around the world”.

I looked at my Mate, Paul, a big burley man with long silver hair and bushy beard, and said, “Like the Tui adds huh? Yeah right”

Paul laughed, and then carried on talking in general. In one week, I was going to commence Salvation Army Officers Training at Booth College of Mission in Wellington, New Zealand.


Chapter 1


The next day, I went for a walk along the Coastal walkway in New Plymouth, and decided to start at the port and go all the way to Bell Block since it had recently opened. So I drove in my Mazda Demio to the port, stopped the car and started my walk, thinking about the news article I had heard over lunch yesterday.

As I walked along the walkway I met a friend named Jon. “Hello there Alan, how’s your job going my man?”
Thinking about the right way to answer him, I said “I finished my job after about six years and I really enjoyed it, Jon, but I am sure you know that I have just been accepted to Salvation Army Officers Training College in Wellington, I am not too sure how I will get on there, but what I do know is that the Lord will provide.”

Jon thought about it and then asked me, “You are still with the Salvation Army then?”
“Yes” I replied. “I love the Salvation Army, and I always will. I has formed a special place in my heart.”
Jon smiled and asked, “How far are you going today? I mean it is about ten o’clock in the morning and it is the middle of December. Another words it is hot. Would it not be better at the Beach?.”
“I was thinking about going out to Bell Block; do you want to come for a walk or do you have something else to do?” I responded.
“I love the beach but walking here gives me more time to spend with God.” I commented.

Jon frowned. “I have to meet up with your brother, Thomas. But I’ll meet you at the bridge just past Fitzroy beach, how does that sound?”
I considered that for a minute before responding, “Na it is OK man, I’ll just ‘chillax’ walk and pray. Thanks anyway though.”
Jon nodded.
“I see you still like to merge words like chill and relax”
“yeah I love it, it is just so me.”
Jon looked for a fraction of a second, nodded, smiled and left.

I walked along the walkway alone, thinking about things knowing that I had about six or eight hours of walking ahead of me.

As I was approaching the wind-wand about thirty-five minutes later, I saw a lady with red puffy eyes, and my heart went out to her. She saw me and thought for a sec before she said to me “Hello, I know that you don’t know me, but I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Anna McIsaac.”

Thinking that this is a little off to be talked to by a stranger, and naturally suspicious about this lady, I said, “Hello there Anna, I am Alan Peters, what can I do for you today?”
She smiled and said “I have a very ill daughter, but she is young. Too young for what is wrong with her really. She is only 17 and she has an inoperable brain Tumor and she is going to die. Her name is Rachel, and she has a bubbly personality.”

I started wondering if she somehow heard about me going to wellington and was surprised as I could not remember anything in the papers.

At that moment, she signaled to four people behind the tree beside her. The first was a big bulky guy who looked like he could possibly be a wrestler. The second was about the same height as me, about 6 foot 2 inches and seemed like an ordinary guy. Not to strong or weak, about the same as I was. The third guy looked small and insignificant, about 5 foot 5 inches and the last looked like the leader of the pack. He was giving silent orders through his eyes and head actions and nonverbal movements to the others even though he never really said a word that I understood. They jumped me, knocking me out and 'threw' me in their van and took off in it.

When I woke up I had a conversation with a young lady. “Hello.” she said “My name is Rachel McIsaac. I am dying with a brain tumor. My brain is going to die no matter what happens I know this and I have accepted it. A little over two years ago my Father died. His name was Joseph McIsaac. He died of a brain tumor like I am dying of. It almost killed my mum and I can’t allow that to happen to her again.

“I have to do what I can to help her. What would you suggest? I can’t accept just dying gracefully, know that it will probably kill her.”
I looked at her and asked “how are you supposed to help her? You know you are going to die, how can I help? It is not like there is anything I can do, is there? I could offer a prayer of healing if that is what you want.”
She replied “I don't think that healing is an option. have you heard about what that doctor is able to do? I am talking about that guy who can offer the Brain Transplant.”
I frowned, and said “I heard about that on the news,Brian Adams is his name if I am not mistaken, but I am not too sure that would be your best bet. I believe it is best to be honest. If someone else's brain is in your body that will cause another load of problems wont it.”
She thought about that and replied, “OK, you’re right. I need to be honest to you, but not yet. I think it is time you went back to sleep and try not to be too shocked when you wake up, and don’t hurt yourself please.”

I frowned and was about to ask what she meant, but I fell asleep again because of the drugs.

The Leader was watching me as I semi-woke up a short while later. We were on board a plane that was decked out with medical supplies and had doctors and nurses all monitoring the monitors I was hooked up to. My head was extremely sore and I was obviously on some very strong pain killers, probably morphine or something like that. I assumed that I was in an operation without my permission, but I could not move. I was stuck in my mind. My body, even though I could feel it, it remained unmovable. I could move my eyes but that was about it.

Anna was also there keeping an eye on the four guys, probably making sure nothing happened to me. Then the big bulky guys said “Hello Miss, You look cute, how about coming home with me after all this is finished? I am sure you would love what I can offer you, a lot of women have commented about the …” At that moment, Anna looked at him and demanded, “what do you think you are doing? The deal was just to go pick up the guy and WATCH in the plane. You’re not, you are chatting her up.” The Leader, said, “John, enough, do you even know who these people are? It is Anna and Rachel McIsaac. These are two people that you do not want to cross.”
“Yes John, Do I need to show you why I am wanted in 40 of the 52 states?” Anna Asked.
At that moment, she pulled out her berretta gun, cocked it and shot John once in the head within a second. ”Now that will teach anyone to chat up my Rachel. Anyone else want to try me? Paul? Joseph? Marcus?”
Paul was the one who was like me, Joseph was the small one, and Marcus was the leader. As for John, He was the one who looked like a wrestler. At that moment, Marcus said “Paul, Joseph, Clean this mess up. The money now goes three ways that works out around three hundred thousand for you two and four hundred thousand for me. Anyone got a problem with that?”
“No sir” Paul and Joseph mumbled at the same time. Marcus smiled “Good” he said.

About then, Anna noticed I was awake and she looked at the nurse and said “What is this? You said she would be asleep until we got back to Seattle. I demand you put her under again.
“Shall I get out my little berretta friend again?” she asked while tapping her gun.
The nurse said, “I do not know why she is awake, we gave her enough drugs to sleep until the middle of next week.”
“It is not good enough; I did not want her to see that. Now put her back under before I get an itchy trigger finger”
“Yes Ma’am, We will re dose her again. How much do you think, Doctor?”
The Doctor looked at me and asked Anna, “How old was he before, any ideas?”
Anna just shook her head. “OK then, Nurse, I would say about one fifty mils please, better to err on the side of safety. Don’t want another person shot tonight do we?”
“No sir we do not.”
At that, the nurse measured one hundred and fifty mils and injected it into the line, I was out in seconds.

It was about six weeks later when I finally came to. I was in a hospital bed when another doctor came in and smiled at me. “Finally, you are awake, Rachel. Your mother wanted to see you, but I told her to wait. You can’t talk, and I know you are confused; however you are home again in Seattle hospital.”

I was shocked. What was I doing in Seattle? What was I doing in Washington State? What was I doing in America? But I could not talk or move. I was stuck here in my mind.

About four days later I finally managed to sit up in the hospital bed, but I felt different somehow, wrong. I could not put it together. It made no sense as to why I would feel so different in such a short period of time. So I got up to go to the bathroom.

When I went into the bathroom I realized to my astonishment that I was in the body of the female that I met while I was in hospital. The same female I talked to when I was kidnapped. Shocked, I decided to go to the mirror to confirm whether or not I was correct. So I looked at my reflection and fainted.

I woke up another week later and thought it was a dream. So I sat up and looked at the doctor and smiled.

“Finally you’re awake, Rachel. What happened in the bathroom last week?”
I looked at him and said “I don’t understand. What is going on here?”
The Doctor basically repeated what he said last week. “I know you are confused but you can talk now. You are home in Seattle again. But you are in hospital. You will be able to get out of here soon.”

I thought about that before saying “Why am I in Seattle hospital? Why am I in Seattle, why does my voice sound different, why am I in the body of a Girl and why did you just call me Rachel?”

He thought and looked confused. “You had an operation. As you can see, you are getting back to normal again Rachel. But I see that there is also some amnesia, which is to be expected.

“But there is something else that I am concerned about. You came back from New Zealand in a coma, and your head was bandaged. Your record said that there was an opportunity for an operation to assist you to heal but you had an inoperable brain tumor so how were you healed?”

I frowned and repeated, “Why are you calling me Rachel? My name is Alan, and I live in New Plymouth. I have been there for eleven years. What is going on here? Have I been kidnapped?”
The doctor panicked. “Hang on a minute please? I am going to have to have another look at your file.”
And he walked out looking like he was worried that he had the wrong person.

At that time, Anna walked in. “Hello Alan, good to see you are finally awake. Let me explain what has happened to you please. My daughter, Rachel, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor here is Seattle but we were not happy with the idea of Rachel death. Everything I have done I did for her.

“So when I heard there was a doctor in New Zealand who could perform a brain transplant, It took about 3 hours to decide, but I was on the first available plane to New Zealand, because even though I knew that it was not yet accepted in New Zealand, I knew that it would help my daughter, I also knew that the doctor, A Brian Adams, was prepared to perform an operation that could save my little Girls life.

“I saw you and I thought that you would assist me with saving my little girl’s life. So I got some contacts from a friend to kidnap you, and I got the doctor to perform the brain transplant from the body that you knew as Alan into the body that you are now in, that of my little Rachel. You have saved her life. Thank you.”

I was in shock, and I said, “What on earth are you talking about. Let’s look at this one step at a time, shall we? You went to my country, kidnapped me; you sent me into an operation that I did not give permission for anyone to perform which basically killed my body and your daughter’s brain, brought me to the United States and you expect me to agree to this? What kind of Human are you? What kind of mother are you? You must be a really sick selfish woman. Get out of here now, before I call the doctor to remove you by force!”

She looked like she was going to cry and before she walked out and she sobbed “Everything I-I have d-done I have d-done for the life of my daughter. I-I love my daughter more than l-life itself. I w-would spend the rest of my l-life in jail as l-long as m-my l-little was alive. I-I need my d-daughter’s body alive. Even though her b-brain couldn’t be saved, her b-body is still here in y-you. That is what I d-did and why I d-did it. I need m-my R-Rachel.” Anna then left in tears and I felt horrible about what I said, I looked in the mirror and quickly got over the terrible feeling until I thought about what she had done.

About two minutes later, the doctor came back in. “Well, Rachel, I can’t find out any information about your claim. I will ring the doctor,” he looked at the chart again and continued “a Doctor. Adams, and ask him about what happened. Do you have any questions or requests for me to pass on while I am at it?”

I thought for a moment before answering “I need to talk to someone, can you find me the Local Salvation Army officers as soon as possible please. Thanks. And don’t bother about what I just said it was just explained to me.”
He walked out saying “Ok then”.

The next day, in walked two Salvation Army officers. I looked at them and a huge smile spread across my face, and I said “I am Glad that you’re here!”
They smiled, and said, “Our names are John and Josephine McIntire, from Seattle Corps. What can we do for you today, miss…?”
I knew that that would take a lot off getting used to.

I looked at them and explained the situation to them, and said “about six weeks ago I was living in New Zealand as a man. My name was Alan Peters. I lived in New Plymouth. There was a Doctor by the name of Brian Adams there and he attempted a Brain Transplant.

“I was a thirty five years old I was a soldier in North Taranaki Corps, in New Zealand. And I urgently require assistance, please. I was kidnapped, and sent over here without my permission. I am now in the body of 17 year old Rachel McIsaac.”

They looked at each other in disbelief and said, “Ok Miss McIsaac, where are you supposed to be going as we will get the nearest officers to have a chat with you about this situation. Is that Ok with you, miss?”
I racked my brain, but no one told me where I would be going to. Fortunately the Doctor walked in at the same time and said, “You will be transferred to Forks hospital tomorrow, I believe your mother has just brought a new house there.”

Just then, Anna walked in then, and basically repeated what the doctor had just said. “I have just had to buy a new house in Forks because we have to move from Seattle. I hope you do not mind, Rachel. The other reason is that your doctor, Brian Adams, from New Zealand has been offered a position at the Forks Hospital as the Brain Transplant specialist. You see here in Washington State, the council for the hospital board have accepted his work, and we need to remain in contact with him for now as your operation was the first he had formally performed.”


The End

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