Immortalis: Dust to Dawn, Chapter 1: Too Many Books

Imperamee, her brothers, and Jack Flash venture into another universe triggered by an X-Men Comic. Imperamee learns a little more about her origin, and she runs in Shadow for the first time in 1,000 years.


Before I get into any amount of detail, let me make one thing clear: I can live forever. So can my brothers, and my best friend. And it sucks. It does. But I will say, before any complaining, that we do make the most of our life, if you can even call it that.

I am Imperamee. You may not know me (most people don’t at first) but once I add in all the “famous singer, politician, rich,” stuff, it clicks for most. Sometimes others can be a bit absent minded. At least they’re human, unlike us. At least they can be human.

Now I go into detail. Elementum, Heiton, Scien, Alister, Beastiav, and Vishab and my brothers, and they’re listed by age. Jack Flash is comparatively younger then all of us, but he is really just like us. And he’s my boy-friend. And he is smart, and handsome, and funny, and the best. But then there is him…

“BEAST!!!” Alister screamed. “Where’s my laptop!?!”

“Dude,” mentioned Scien. “He’s in the tower, with Vishab, and you‘ve got your laptop right-”

“Then he’s gonna pay for this!” growled Alister. “I needed that thing today. I was gonna spam that annoying executive from last week and then it wasn’t there.”

“Dude, don’t make me your therapist,” replied Scien annoyed. “Just calm down and look in your bag-.”

Alister raced through the long, sun filled halls of the Immortalis mansion, his laptop bag banging against his torso. The book shelves and doors stood still as if spectators to an Olympic long distance competition to the tower’s spiraling stairs. Alister growled and took a giant leap, flying up through the air gap that was between the stairs, like something impossible you see in movies. He landed right near the top and side-kicked the door open, storming inside. The lighting changed, from a dull, sunny gray to a bright, golden yellow.

Beastiav, Vishab, Elementum, and Heiton were in the room sparring, and Imperamee was presiding over the exercise. She waved to Alister over the loud clangs and slashes of the swords, and Alister strode into the battle field. He yanked at Beastiav by the collar, and dragged him backwards to the towers balcony.

“Hello Beast,” greeted Alister. “Where’s my laptop?”

“In your laptop bag,” stated Beastiav. “And yes, you forgot to look there.”

“I hate you!” screeched Alister. “Why do I forget to look in the bag?”

“Because it is the obvious hiding spot,” said Imperamee. “You all know that you hide something in the open, because nobody looks there.”

Vishab nodded, and Alister opened his bag to make sure his “baby” was okay. Apologizing to Beastiav, he left the room.

“Nice handling of the situation..” claimed a voice. “Very nice.”

“Hey Jack!” greeted Heiton.

“Well, well,” observed Jack. “Looks like Angst-Alister freaked again.”

“Yes, yes he did,” replied Elementum. “I think he was ready to throw Beast off of the balcony. At least Beast’s got faster thinking (and reflexes) then most of us.”

“Who knows,” pondered Heiton. “Maybe Alister will trip over a sword again and Beast will stop his face-plantage?”

“Can you two stop yourselves from getting into deep thought?” asked Imperamee. “It can get annoying…”

“No, I don’t think they can,” replied Jack. “I think they’ll have to do it for the rest of their lives.”

Jack walked over to a book case. This one was filled with comics. Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, countless others. Jack pulled out one at random. It was an X-Men. He flipped through it before setting it down.

“You all have too many books,” he mentioned. “I think I could get a law passed to make this a health violation… Now I wonder.”

“Do that and Alister will throw you out the window,” added Beastiav.

Imperamee walked over to Jack and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “But you wouldn’t do that, because then I would be forced to impale you with books..”

“And they say books never hurt anyone…” Jack trailed off. He placed his hand on the comic just as Imperamee was about to pick it up. There was a flash of light, and the room started spinning.

As the room gained momentum, everyone fell for the floor, hands around their heads in protection. The light got brighter, almost to the point where you could feel it. The twirling sensation would have made your head explode, and the light….. I would prefer Russian roulette to this.

Everyone was at the point of screaming, but then it just stopped. The spinning, the twirling, the light, it all stopped. Elementum (probably the hardiest of everyone) stood up first, dazed and confused. Heiton, then Beastiav, Vishab, and finally Imperamee stood up.

“What in the world…” started Heiton.

“Happened?” finished Elementum.

“Did we,” stuttered Imperamee. “Did… We skip universes again?”

Vishab nodded, quiet as always. He looked around the room, which was almost completely different from the airy tower they were once in. Vishab’s narrow green eyes were almost like emeralds in the lighting. His silky, curly greenish-blonde hair was wore plainly. His narrow, angular building highlight his delicate ears and greenish skin nicely, and his green and brown wardrobe was hung loosely against him. Imperamee thought nothing had really changed about his appearance.

“So…” began Beastiav. “Where are we?”

“We’re in an old military bunker,” replied Heiton robotically. “The exit is that door, which we’ll have to break down. Our vehicles are outside, and were supposed to meet in upper Washington state at our estate. We were instructed to go separate ways. Wait.. Wait.. Aww… That’s all the detail I can fish out. Being psychic never gets old.”

“Yes, it kinda does,” added Elementum. “Hey, where’s Jack? And Alister and Scien?”

“Wait… Wait…” Heiton started again. “At the estate.”

“Then shouldn’t we get going?” suggested Beastiav. “Elementum, do the honors of getting us out of here.”

Elementum just smiled, and gave a gigantic heave at the door, his gray eyes flashing like pools of mercury. The door crumbled under his muscular-macho fist, his straight coffee-hair swishing as he righted himself. His muscle shirt highlighted the change of light as he clambered out of the hole of a bunker they were in.

“That’s all I have to say ‘bout that,” teased Vishab, everyone looking at him, surprised that he actually talked, which was quite a rare thing.

The End

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