Bluejay's Immortality

Hmm. If I had a legacy, something that people could remember me by, they would laugh. Because of my inability to speak my mind, I would have to attach electrodes to my brain and record myself from day to day. I guess it would probably make people laugh and cry at the same time.

I often find myself stuck in the middle of the sandwich, the filling. The bit that tastes really really nice or makes you stick your tongue out and go blurgh! Friendship triangles, politics, family and quite frankly, it sucks. Nothing ever bad happens to me, I just have to watch it happen around me from day to day and be expected to choose a side. No thanks!

What would be the point of me being immortal if I can't even plan out the next few years of my life. I haven't done many normal human things for a while, or ever (like love, laugh so hard I cripple myself, cry). So, maybe I'm an alien? If so I guess that could explain why I'm such an irregular person. Now don't think of me as some sort of wierdo, just brainstorming.

Tommorrow I suppose you can only live by what's thrown at you and forever, well that's up to you, 'cause I sure don't have a clue! :)

The End

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