The white boots kept coming in, followed by long, dark blue, dirty jeans. I leap to my feet before the figure can fully enter, taking a defensive position two metres from the door.

A light green top is followed by a stern, male face, dark blue eyes piercing and intimidating. He catches sight of me, takes a breathe in then freezes.

"Lazarus?" A females voice from outside calls - what I guess is - the intimidating mans name. I breathe in through my nose and narrow my eyes. I recognise that scent. He is a Lupa. A bit like me and Elijah but holds only that of a wolfs form witch anger controls.

"Lazarus!" The females voice sounds concerned now, causing the man to reluctantly turn from me. I take the opportunity and lunge.

As I lunge, I allow the tingles to take over my hands, shifting them into rock solid claws. He turns back to me just as my claws make contact with his shirt, causing four rivets of blood to soak through the thin material. A growl escapes his lips and his skin begins to shimmer, his eyes becoming rougher, rounder.

"It wouldn't do to anger me, tenebrarum!" He growls, his teeth beginning to lengthen into fangs.

"You entered my territory." I answer, my eyes flicking over to my sister, sleeping obliviously.

"A pack!" The Lupa's eyes brighten in hunger, "I haven't fed my wolf in a while." Before he can fully shift however, he is knocked forward into the room by a small, light haired female, she lands right next to me, crouched on all fours snarling at the form of my husband walking in, his hands transformed into claws much like mine.

"Sarah!" The Lupa guy shouts, desperation making itself apparent in his features as he takes a step closer to her.

"Not one more step." Elijah growls, his left hand reaching around the guy, claws puncturing his neck. The guy freezes, his eyes on his mate.

"Let him go." The girl, Sarah, pleads from the ground next to me, I look down at her, she looks to have just left her teens, she looks young.

"Elijah..." I start, my eyes catching his, my own pleading tone matching hers.

"Serena, they're Lupa!" Elijah answers, anger evident as he draws trickles of blood from the guy.

"So What? Just because we're not part of the Royal Bloodline?" Sarah hisses in anger, desperation gone.

"Elijah, let him go, let them talk, they might be able to help."

"Help a Tenebrarum! Never." The guy growls, glaring in anger at me.

"Oh, come off it!" I say, annoyance beginning to feed itself through me, "I'm no worse than a Lupa!" Sarah hisses at that, standing and hitting me hard on the cheek, I quickly grab her by her hair, my own thorns at her neck, ignoring the stinging pain in my cheek.

"At least we don't kill our parents at birth!" The guy snarls, his eyes on Sarah's.

"My parents survived the birth perfectly well, thank you, mutt." I hiss back.

"What are you doing in Scotland? Planning on infecting more of us?" Sarah asks from below me.

"Running from S.E.A.D." Elijah answers her. The anger in the guys face fades away, replaced with shock.

"They are after Tenebrarum too?" He asks quietly.

"They are after all of us. Lupa, Sincta, and Sanguis." I answer sadly.

"How'd they find out about Sincta?" Sarah asks, I let her go, standing back and retracting the claws.

"That would be my fault," Elijah answers, also releasing the guy, "I shifted in front of them in Russia, they had been after the other two." At this, he indicates the two sleeping Sanguis.

"The Royals aren't going to be happy with you about that." The guy says as he walks towards Sarah, running his hand over her face, checking she is alright.

"Where were you two heading?" Elijah asks, stepping next to me. I reach my hand out and clench his, watching as Sarah finds the still forms of Dawn and Eric.

"Up North to the House." The guy, Lazarus answers, keeping his eyes on mine.

"The House?" Elijah and I ask in synchrony. I notice Sarah rolls her eyes as she turns back to us.

"It's a stupid idea he's got in his head." She answers, glaring lightly at him.

"It's not stupid." He answers with a pout, "the original Venifici built a house which would allow us to reproduce children with special talents, his own power put into them." He continues, awe in his tone.

"The Venifici? The wizards?" I ask, frowning.

"Yes, did your parents not teach you?" Sarah asks me.

"S.E.A.D got them when I turned twelve." I answer, blinking rapidly to stop the tears.

"Sorry," Sarah says slowly, wide eyes staring intently into mine. Lazarus smiles sadly before continuing.

"Yeah, wizards. He put spells on all the original to dampen our powers, he didn't want the humans to fear us, to hunt us down. But he didn't want the Venifici going extinct either so he built a house and filled it with his magic, it was his last act before S.E.A.D. got him."

I look to Elijah who looks back at me. I have always wanted a child but being a Tenebrarum has nulled my chances of ever carrying a healthy child. But this House, if it's real, if it exists, I could have a child. A baby of my own. Excitement wells up inside me as I imagin holding a baby boy in my arms, the dark hair and  chocolate eyes of my husband looking up at me.

"Do you- do you mind if we come to?" I ask nervously as my body shows my excitement, hoping on my feet, a large smile centred in my face.

"As long as you don't slow us down." Lazarus answers.

"We won't. But we'll have to wait till night, my sister and brother-in-law haven't fed in a while." I say apologetically.

"That's fine, we need to rest first." Sarah says, receiving a glare from Lazarus.

"Alright, we will keep watch." I tell them, settling down next to the door next to Elijah. Sarah and Lazarus lay down opposite us, Sarah at the wall, Lazarus shielding her from my sister as they fall asleep.

Once soft snores fill the room, I turn to Elijah who is watching them intently.

"Can we trust them?" I ask him, he turns to look at me.

"I don't know. We better be careful, Lupa can never be trusted, they think only of their pack, no one else. As long as we watch our backs, we will be fine."

"Do you think it's real?" I ask, to witch he passes me a confused look, "the House." I clarify.

"I don't know," he places his hand on my stomach, rubbing slow circles, "but I hope so, I really hope so."

I smile, placing my hand above his, we could become parents soon. A baby boy of our own to care for.

The End

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