I don't understand how they found us again, we were so careful this time. Yet Lazarus and I are on the run once more.

S.E.A.D. will capture us if we stay in Britain. We have to leave, to protect ourselves, but Lazarus won't listen to my reasoning. He's grown attached to Britain and the children's fables that he has heard.

"Sarah, your going the wrong way!" The sharp voice of my husband cuts through my thoughts causing me to stop running and turn to stare at him.

"No I'm not." I mean to say it defiantly but instead I say it with a pout, much like a raging toddler.

"Yes, you are. That's towards the sea, I told you, we are heading North, towards the Home." He replies, walking towards me, dark blue eyes staring intently into my own bright blue orbs.

"Lazarus, it is a stupid children's story. It does not exist!" My exasperation shows in my tone.

"Sarah, please, just trust me." He raises his hand and presses it against my cheek, never taking his eyes from mine, "one more chance then I promise we can leave Britain."

"Alright." I conceded, my own hand reaching up to cup his, worst that could happen is we have to run again.

"Thank you," he says with sincerity as he leans down, brushing some of my blonde locks from my face and kisses me.

"Well, if we're going up North, we had better get moving." I say as he breaks the kiss. With a reluctant nod, he agrees.

I roll my eyes, he had been so exited to go before the kiss.

I watch him as he makes his transformation into his pure black, sleek wolf form, he turns his dark blue eyes, almost unnaturally bright compared to the black, to face me and with a brief nod, I follow suit.

I allow anger and rage at the Government to fill my veins, feeling my transformation take place, a mind numbing agony spreads through my body, my bones re-shaping themselves into that of my pure white werewolf form. My dull blonde hair spreading and lightning as it travels across my new body shape.

Panting slightly from the rush of agony, I look over at Lazarus who is sending a pitying look towards me. He is more in tune with his wolf, his anger and so does not feel the pain I do. I, however, fear my anger, fear the control my wolf has over me and so my own transformations are agony.

Lazarus points his snout to the north, asking if I am ready to go or not, with a nod, I begin to follow, our pace speeding up until we are running at our full 80mph speed.

Our need for cover causes us to run the entire night, pushing past our exhaustion to outrun the Government.

After near six hours running however, exhaustion kicks in and and we are forced to stop, making the much easier transformation back into our human forms, breathing heavily.

"Where are we?" I pant from my position collapsed on rough grass, the smell of the sea reaches my nostrils.

"Last town we passed was Turnberry, we're in Scotland." He pants back, sitting on the ground next to me, chest heaving.

"How far from the House?"

"'Bout two days running," he answers causing me to groan.

We lie in silence together, waiting on our breathing to recover. By the time our hearts have settled and we are once again able to function, the sun has risen in the sky.

"Let's just find a place to settle for a couple hours," I suggest, sitting up and looking over at the sea, the cold, salty air pushing my hair from my face for me.

"Alright, I think I saw a hut a little ways back." He answers and, with a nod, I stand up, putting my hand out to help him stand.

Turning back the way we came, we started to walk through the rough grass, the sea on our right and more grass on our left. It only took a minute for the hut to come into view. It was a small, shabby, old fishers hut. The two windows on view are boarded up and the door looks to be sealed shut. Above us, seagulls are circling, eyeing us for food.

"It looks kinda creepy, doesn't it?" I ask Lazarus as we get closer.

"Yeah, creepy enough for Humans to stay away, good enough for me." He answers, a smile on his tanned face. We reach the front door, ignoring the angered squeaks of the birds above and open the door. Lazarus steps in first, I follow behind but quickly bump into his frozen back.

"Lazarus?" I ask in confusion, trying to see past his tall frame which is completely blocking the doorway.

I hear two thuds behind me and turn, keeping my back to Lazarus to see a tall, deeply tanned male with deep, angry looking eyes staring at me, up above, the seagulls have stopped their complaining.

"Lazarus!" This time, I say it in alarm.

The End

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